Sunday, December 25, 2016

Treat girls as sister and mother.

From the Buddhist teaching. Ngagajurna had rightly said;
Treat girl as a mother if she is older than you.
Treat girl  as a sister if she is same age of you.
Treat girl as a sister if she is younger than you.

I treat all girls as mothers and sisters.
Don't you ?

From the #randomthoughtofjigmezangpo

Night hunting

Eastern culture = Night hunting.
I was force by my friend to go. For me it was just to experience the night walk. I came back to home within 20 minutes. Instead of getting girl they were nearly hit by log thrown by dangerous father of girl.
It is sad to know night hunting culture is vanishing LOL.
From the #randomthoughtofjigmezangpo

Repay to parent

It is said you can't repay the good things our parent has done for us even if we carry them on our back and make 1000 times round the earth.

Repay for the good things your parents has done for you. The gratitude should be with us and repay them. Repay with respect.

The only gratitude that is possible to pay is by practising Buddha Teaching. It is not neccesaryly you have to go to monkhood and wear a rob. It is our mind. Religion for me is good thought.

From the #randomthoughtofjigmezangpo

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Everything is different and difficult

I started learning the meaning of life. And everything is different and difficult. Even a subject we learned seems to be difficult.

I quote "Life is not a bed of rose but bed of throne" I unquote. Somebody has rightly said that. I find the meaning in what they have leave the saying. Life become more difficult with messy people around. People who don't know meaning of life. On the other hand life is a smooth journey if we move along the people who has greater vision of road ahead.  I wish and dream to go along the these people. I have already found those people. They are my parent.

From the #RandomThoughtOfJigmeZangpo