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སྨན་ཆུང་དྲིན་པའི་རྩོམ། (poem)








Reflecting and realizing the childhood days.

 Reflecting the childhood days and realizing the present time.
The memories of childhood days are still fresh if the memories were splendid.  The days that I spent in primary school were among the memories, which gave me a second thought today. Dreaming of becoming doctor was my ultimate goal in my life during childhood days. The reason behind for becoming doctor was none other than as doctor are doing merit task in the society that benefit community as a whole. Doing a merit task in this life will help our life in next life. This is what actually the religious minded people believe. So, I born and grown up in society based on nyingma religion (Mahayana), and society belief in birth after death, I believe becoming doctor is a merit carrier in my life.

The days of primary class winded up with immature aim and goals of life. Entering into the secondary class, my goals of life gets modified. Upon the teacher advising that one has to have ambitions such a way 1st aim, 2nd aim and 3rd aim. They told keeping 3 ambitions will help you in fulfilling your ambition. If 1st ambition you keep doesn’t fulfill then you can fulfill 2nd and so 3rd. Accordingly, I maintain 3 ambitions for my life with my interest and capability. The 1st aim was my childhood aim, 2nd was to become engineer and 3rd was to become school teacher. Dreaming itself, doesn’t solve in fulfilling of my ambition. With the mind concentrating on words: hardship, tackling obstacles on way of life, dedication in doing task and faith in what you are doing determine in fulfilling my ambition. I sweat during those days (secondary class) to let my dream come true.

The time for making my dream about 70% had approached in 2010 after I completed doing BHSEC. Declaration of result was made in early 2011. I couldn’t fulfill my 1st ambition. I realized the advice made by my teacher to have at least three ambitions was indeed a good advice. I can say I am still not blind in taking my ambition for my life. I have still two ambitions that I have set for my life during secondary class. I could fulfill 2nd ambition that I have set for my life. I am satisfied with that I could fulfill as it was also my one of ambition.

With fulfilling my 2nd ambition doesn’t mean I have fully fulfilled. I have again an extra mile go ahead to attain the goal of my life. To become an engineer particularly the Electronic and Communication Engineer is the toughest task. One has to have a strong dedication, determinations and enthusiasm to become E&C Engineer. The current scenario of country Bhutan in regarding job for E&C engineer is out of question. To all the E&C engineer of Bhutan never disappointed with current scenario. The time is changing and country is developing. Developing country will always required E&C engineers for sure after few years. The only worried for me is how I can get all the relevant knowledge in the field of electronic and communication to ensure that job is searching me one day. I assure all the E&C engineers of Bhutan will survive as you live on this world with your knowledge of E&C.

·         E&C= electronic and communication.

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ཕ༌མ༌གཉིས༌ལུ༌བཀའ༌དྲིན༌བསམ༌དགོཔ། (Thanking to Parents of world)










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New topic in the history of women in Bhutan

                           The new topic in the history of women in Bhutan.

The list of Ministers for second parliament on 25th July 2013 create a new topic in the history of women in Bhutan. There were no women who had shoulders a Minister post till 2013 in the history of Bhutan. It was a same women so called Aum Dorji Choden who emerges as Women first engineer in late 20th century and today she was first women to be the minister. Now Lyonpo Dorji Choden was icon for Bhutanese women. She was brave women as she competes in male dominate society and could complete the race.

Lyonpo Dorji Choden was again the president of Druk Namrup Tshokpa, one of the party in Bhutan for Parliament. Leading a party itself was a great and it was a symbol of women competing with man in male dominate society.

For your bravery and good foot print for women in Bhutan, I would like to thank you from my heart with full hope that Bhutanese women will follow your good foot prints.
Wearing a red Rachu left of Ashi is Lyonpo Dorji Choden

2013 was opposite to 2008.

                  2013, the 13th of July was another shock.
I was eager, thinking when the 13th of July 2013 will come but at the same time I was worried whether the faithful and loyal party will come to the power. In the due course of the time, the day of what I was actually waiting was come. The night of the day was again another worry for me.
The two parties that had qualify for primary round was Druk Phunsum Tshokpa (DPT) and People Democratic Party (PDP).The result of NA was going to declared in the evening of the day. The memory of 2008 election result for NA was fresh in my mind. I was having the doubt of same victory as that of 2008. The 2008 election for NA was in fact a landslide victory to DPT by PDP and making a world smallest opposing party. Of the 47 seats for NA, only 2 seats were for PDP in 2008.
I have predicted that the PDP will come as Opposing party with more number of seats. Minimum of 20 seats in NA was what I actually predicted. In deed I was having a decision that cannot be decided. Sometime, my mind said that the PDP will come as Ruling party and DPT as Ruling Party sometime. The unstable mind of mine was made stable with one thought, when the result of NA election was declared. It wasn’t stable although result was declared. The 15 seats were taken by DPT this time and remaining 32 seats were taken by DPD. With that result, the new government was created. PDP, the opposing party in first parliament session was Ruling party this time and the DPT, the ruling party in 2008 to 2013 NA was Opposing party.
I have no comment on result of NA for 2013 only if the present Ruling party does the duty well and fulfill their pledges. My comment on result of NA in 2013 will emerges when elected government does opposite to what they have said during campaigns periods.

Win 24 to
form government

Now, it’s time to give my heartfelt felicitation to both the parties for making to primary round and participate primary round successfully without any problems. To the new government, the Ruling party, PDP, Tashi Delek and hope your party will let the sun shine in every corner with justice. And to the new opposing party, DPT, thank you very much for your tireless, dedicate, faithful and hardship during last 5 years in your tenure and Tashi Delek for coming as opposing party.


Modifying my blog page. Its taking a time as I am doing without any knowledge of where to modify, how to modify and many more. After an hour , when i could do some change in page of my blog , I am satisfied with my task.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Semester are like running stream.

                                        Semester too short for me.
Completing 8 semesters in Engineering College is too long for most of the people. The 19th July, 2011 was the first day, I reported to college to pursued Electronic and communication engineering program. I was dreaming about when I will reached 8th semesters (final year), when I saw final year students. Thinking again and again let my mind to expose in tension world. The mind in tension world get out of tension world when the Introductory night and Tag night was organized. It was nights that forget every tension. As time passed by the tension of going through 8 semesters fade and become vivid in my mind.

Now I am in fifth semester without any memory of how 4 semesters has been passed. For me semester appears to be short as summer lightning. The busy semester made semester too short. The week appears for me as day when tight schedule was present. Indeed semester was short for me. A days making weeks, weeks making month, few months ultimately making a semester was unnoticeable for busy Jigme Zangpo.

When I think of few semesters left for graduating, I am absolutely excited but on the other hand graduating with knowledge that is baseless that contribute nothing to society and help nothing to self, I feel so sorry and sad. However I am still not late to built the base that withstand the pressures of society benefit and self too in near future. The almost 4 semester I have willed more than enough for preparing my Engineering base quality a firm and good that will trust by society, if not by world. let me have trust on my capacity and will work upon building the base a firm.

The Valley misunderstand as Golden Valley

The valley sometime misunderstands as Golden valley.
Lower part of Buli Trulku resident. Zangdo pelri.
To be talked about golden valley, one should wise enough to defined the real meaning of valley on top of knowing what present in the valley. In regards to golden valley, the criteria for being the golden valley should be fulfilled. The way of considering the valley as golden valley will depends upon the individual perception. The perception that has dwells over my heart and soul for being valley as golden valley;

 World itself is illusory and happiness is illusory. In fact the word happiness is dragging way to ocean of anguish. The only way of making life a meaningful is by practicing the Dharma. Zangthi valley is overview as golden valley as the characteristic for golden valley are present. The humble people with good respect for elders, love and care for younger one and faith for everyone as a chain with unbreakable joint. The three unbelievable part of Zangthi valley bring astonish to every people who visit to Valley. In the core of the first part of valley which is the resident of Buli Trulku and upper part of Buli Trulku resident is the Drupkhang, the place for yogis for daily prayers. People spending a night at that place will ask his mind to stay one more night and will go on asking his or her mind again one more night. The only reason for loving to hold night after night is the place having the scenario of place of Buddha. Lower part of Buli Trulku resident is the resident for simple and humble people, gelongs and anums. The place is similar to upper part of Buli Trulku resident. The present of calm and peace valley throughout the year gives a sense of valley as golden valley. In fact the valley that will offer enlightens to one who resident with pure mind and practicing Dharma.

 Thinking of what the valley was and what it present made me to miss a valley and insisting my mind to visit once a year. I am happy to see that present of my body at that valley. Its gives me a satisfaction after I visit the place. My only prayers and wishes for the place is let the place become the more calm and peaceful than ever and I becoming one of the supporter of the valley to maintain the spirit of present.
Buli Trulku and Khenpo with yogis and gelongs.
Buli Trulku and Khenpo with Zangthi public.

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