Saturday, November 30, 2013

We are equal.

We the human being are born to do merit task in order to make a society a harmony to live in. Never should we surprise, when people differentiate between human being and human being in terms of anything. We differentiate out of ignorance and not knowing the value of human life. Most probably the one who know the value for human being will one who suffer a lot. Learned man are always expected to be humbled in everything. Is that happening in a real life? Without making a comment for question, I would like to share what we are going to do in rest of our life.
Is a wealth important? Yes certainly because it add a comfort to human life. Now, my question is how people without wealth (poor) are adjusting to be happy? Without any doubt anyone will say they always suffer and happiness to them is out of question.
If we are in position to help the needy one, it’s a merit task. We help the needy one in our best possible way. In return we are award with best and good fortune in this life and will be certainly good for next life. A school going children with disadvantages families should help if we can. With your limited salary, help in making a suffering child happy. For your good deed, you will always be blessed.

My only hope from myself is to let needy one get help from me when I am at least capable from them.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Blogging seems to be suspended.

After a few days I will be reaching my home for vacation. Now, my worry is, will I access to internet to update my event of life in my blog?
I blog frequently. I write stuff that come in my mind. I have no mind of being popular among the bloggers but my intention of blogging is to keep myself up to date with my feeling of my life. I visit my blog and reading the post takes me to the past action that I had reflected in my blog. I could related the past and present.
With my limited vocabulary and broken structure of language, I oath to blog for the time to come.

Let me try to access to internet so that I can update my event of life.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Second version of Sanoem ma wa meser.

In continuation of article of Opinion in Kuensel dated 9th November 2013, I have my say regarding the people of Shingkhar Lauri believe themselves as “Senoem ma wa meser”. They will believe again for few years.
Indeed people are purely humble and obey whatever the head says. They afraid of going against head even they are right. The word Sir is lavishly used in our village to addressed outsider ranging from low post till the high post. I am happy that the good tradition like respecting outsider and within ourselves are prevails. But sometime the title sir is misusing by some people to do one more time fooling the innocent people.
If we are to make a verbal agreement from the meeting of these people, then the agreement outcome will always agree. They are innocent. Innocent because they are illiterate and always believe what their head say. So, head should always take an extra cautious when taking to these people or trying convey something to them. Otherwise they will believe whatever you say. 
I believe there are few potential people back at the village and people of this village in other place, who can bring a development to community by coordinating development activity ethically and morally. It will only true, if and only if these people work with pure mind. Pure mind indicate the free of corruptions and following the certain rules from the reflected rules of Country.
Shingkhar lauri is only place in Bhutan as stated in Dasho’s opinion, he also didn’t forget to say its only place with no connectivity of road and electricity. It’s not that government did nothing to Shingkhar Lauri. They had done many things. The farm road had started clearing a decade ago and electricity a 2 years ago. Then, should we called that the slow progress in the system because of “Sonoem ma wa me ser” reside in this Geog. The term “Sonoem ma wa me ser” shouldn’t be an answer for all obstacles coming along.
Who are the responsible for let the people to say we are the “Sanoem Cho wa me ser”?  Who are the responsible to do always the term “So noem ma wa me ser”? Is the innocent people themselves? Or Local leaders? Or NA member and NC’s responsible? Or Dasho Dzongda and Dasho Dungpa’s responsible?
Its collective responsible but the higher authority has capable of shouldering a core responsible, so they will.
To whom we should blame if the progress work are not doing and is not progressing at acceptable rate. To common people? To local leaders? To MP and NC? Or to dasho Dungpa and Dasho Dzongda? Again it’s everybody’s failures but particularly the higher authority’s failures.
Should I believe Shingkhar lauri a remotest than any of Geog in Bhutan before a decade ago? Certainly my quick response is No. Laya, Lingshi, merak, sakteng and many more village in Zhemgang are more remote than Shingkahr Lauri. We are aware that Merak and Sakteng is already connected by Road and Electricity. Being more remote than ours, connecting everything road and electricity before than ours is few point to be analyzed. What is going on in Jomotshang Dungkhag particularly Lauri geog? Is it because of near boader of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh? Nothing to do with boarder.  So, the authority should look the matter seriously?
Now I feel Jomotshangkha Dungkhag is neglected place because developmental activities are never progress at given period and no action are taking place for the failure.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

We are friends forever.

Opening the diary of my memory while looking in to the photos in my album reminds me, we are friends forever. A life at College of Science and Technology was enjoyable if I am with those guys. By birth, we are from different parents and we are also from different zone of country, Bhutan. I believe in unending fate of previous life. So, we are blessed in this life and we meet in same college. We are more like a brotherhood.  
 All of my friends are the best in the world…………………………………….
In Skkim(22nd. Feb.2012)

The very moment which I can say is most unforgettable in my life was the moment we plan to go Skkim (Gangtok, Dewarili Chhorten Gonpa) and we did. The simple plan but really enjoyable and is still in my list of unforgettable moment of the life.
What are interesting moment, irritating moment and debate session you remember when we are together?  For me, the every individual assigning title like “Traditional Head, BAFRA officer, Girls dictionary and so on.”  Many more I still remember like playing cards. Those are best and enjoyable moment and will feast to my heart whenever I think of you all.

To my heart, the group photo speak, we are friends forever. I am never astonish with we are little separate from third semester. It is more than adequate when our heart still speak, we are friends still.
Now, without the notice of running time, we are in end of 5th semester. As the end semester exam is near doorstep. I wish you a good luck. Believe yourself but never forget to believe in god.
My dream and desire as a friend: we will have a gathering (8th semester). Hope you all will agree.

In your life, you may meet many people and you will have fun but remember, the fun we had will never be fun that I will have.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy Birthday (fourth Druk Gyalpo).

Fourth Druk Gyalpo (4th King)

The 11th of November 2013 is near a doorstep. It is an hour to come. It was on 11th November, on the auspicious day our benevolent fourth Druk Gyalpo was born.
 On the joyous occasion in Bhutanese society tomorrow, I would like to join every Bhutanese to wish our fourth king a happy birthday.

My deepest and greatest wishes to our king on his birthday are: Long live our fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuk. May the happiness exist everywhere our king stay. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The reasons are always there.( Fisher man has reason to kill fish)


Once a Yogi was on the way of his meditating cave and he passed via a river. He was bit busy and have to reach to destination faster. To his amazed, he found a fisher man fishing the fish while crossing bridge. In an action of fisher man, he chased an insect attracting over his eyes by waving his hand up and down. It was a frequent action that a Yogi noticed as he watch fisher man from the bridge. Yogi thought Fisher man was calling him to come down when fisher man wave his hand for chasing insects. Yogi said himself “why he is calling me, when I am so busy?” Then he decided to go near fisher man.
No sooner did the Yogi reached near Fisher man, he asked, “Why you called me?” To his surprised and annoyed, fisher man answered “I didn’t called you”. After a fisher man explanation, Yogi got that he wasn’t called and it was his mistake.

Before he leave the spot with blush, he got a question to ask to Fisher man. “Why you are fishing and killing fishes? They have not harm you. They also have life similar as ours”.  And Fisher man replied, “You will never know how much fish had harm us. They don’t even think of human being drinking this water (river) and they pass urine and stool (shit) in the water itself. So water become dirty. So I am fishing”.
Yogi has no reply for his answer and went off.

Now to the reader, what would you give a Fisher man a reply if you were a Yogi at that time?
N.B Story I heard from one of my teacher.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

What should I do? (to attain fine behavior)

I am extremely unhappy with my behaviors. I asked myself: Am I behaving differently than a normal human behave? Am I too rude? Am I egoistic?  Am I selfish?  And do I need assistance and advice?
It is said that if we find mistakes in other, it’s not other mistake but mistake is within us. Keeping above statement in my mind, I realize and give, always a second thought before I blame to other about the mistake I observed.
Getting annoyed frequently with no reason will be my and your attitude problematic. We should know we are problematic sometime. We can’t be perfect.

What could be the solution for correction of our attitude? I believe, to obtain a train mind is the solution for correcting the problematic behaviors. Speaking about the train mind, I remember the only means to attain a train mind with the practicing of dharma. I find, there are no way we can achieve a train mind. It may depend upon the individual. You may prefer different way in achieving a train mind but I find nothing a good solution to attain a train mind by practicing dharma.
It’s my responsibilities to clear a doubt to the reader. A reader would have a question, how I can practice dharma? I say practicing dharma but it’s not necessarily that we have to wear a robe and stay in gonpa (temple).  We have to have believe and faith on root teacher (Tsa- Wa- Lam) and have a listening time on their valuable talks on Buddha teaching.

Training of my mind is my long time desire and still hoping to do that. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Friend in need is a friend in deed.

Wonderful earth is so wonderful, if the walk of our life are successful with friends around. We come on the mother earth all alone. It’s only after we expose to world, we make friendships.

Every one of us will have many friends at different corner and nook of country that we stay. 
I stand today here with bold heart in the middle of my friends. Among the friend surrounded me is Kezang Deki.
Do you ever heard of Trongsap a friendly? Whatever you say, but I say Trongsap, I meet during my college days was friendly.
trongsap zam

 Kezang Deki; a solid girl, a straight forward in talking with friends, and little timid was from Trongsa. She is friendly and share about her without hiding. She let us to realize the phrases “friend in need is a friend in deed”. The time will come when everyone as her friend will say, “she is extremely a fantastic friend during our stay with her”. I am neither praising nor let her to make happy by cooking the unreal stories.
She choose to stay as a friends anyone. In deed she has no boundary in choosing a friends. She stay and will so close with irrespective of juniors and seniors. She usually tells “I am the boss of Sangay Wangmo, Kinzang Wangmo and Karma Wangzom”. Analyzing what she tell, has nothing to believe in. she just say for the fun. I know they stay as a best friend of the world that I am astonished with their friendship.
Coming to her hardship and determination to her work, she is trustable. Her effort and endeavor to pursue her goal are perfect. She has unending determination and enthusiasm for her studies. But she gives up with no trouble, when she attend the struggle on pursuing her goal. We shouldn’t disappointed with the unrewarded for our hardship. I as a follower of Buddha teaching, always have believe in the fate. Fate dominate the society. We are under the umbrella of fate. The misfortunes come along the walk of life shouldn’t be taken as misfortune itself. Every day will never be the same, a day is reserve for your success. The only thing is the time is not yet come for your turn.

I as a friend of Kezang Deki, I shall always be her friend till my body and soul present in the earth. I shall help her in small possible way in this transient period of life.

N.B   Please readers, it’s not that she is my only friend. I will soon write each one of you, my friends. I write about her because she ask me to write as per my view point about her so that she know how she is. To Kezang, I don’t know all about you. I write as per my knowledge about you.

I contest for the nominee for the post of IAC member.(councilor)

With a good intention, I decide to contest for the post of Institute of Academic Committee, IAC member for the academic year 2014 and 2015. Inspite of I having a responsible (I was Vice President for NDLD, Radio Club of the college), I contest to let the wish of fellow students fulfill  I decided put up all the possible commitment to the post of IAC. Following is speech I prepare to deliver during councilor election.

A warm good afternoon and kuzuzangpo to everybody.
Respected Director, Dean, Provost, councilors and my friends.
Firstly, if I introduce myself. My name is Jigme Zangpo. I am from 3rd year ECE. I would be very honored and privileged to represent an IAC member.
I would give anything to be IAC member in the following year 2014, I feel I can be a positive leader and excellent role model for younger students as well as my peers. I am already familiar with leadership roles, having been a Class representative from the year 2011 to 2012. And a captains in school day in lower school.
I believe I have a number of good qualities such as honesty, respect, listening and leadership. I am well organized and I like to do tasks that I am given very quickly. I treat everyone equally and try my best to include everyone in activities.

My vision;
Proposing of reviewing the duration of phase test to higher authority.
Proposing like no need of repeating CA for back paper or keeping option to higher authority.
When shifting class for next period to next class, there cause inconvenience to tutor as well as to students. Some class mightn’t have experience but will experience one day. Biologically our brain need rest after certain period. So If I am elected, I will propose the class period like 1st period from 8 – 8:55, 2nd from 9-9:55 so on by keeping 5 minutes break.
Above are the few of my dream and I will be working to turn into reality. I will always let your voice raised on any issue. Based upon your voice raised I will forward to higher authority accordingly.  I should represent student body in any case but not as Jigme zangpo and his friend. I am sure I will talk to any of councilors on behalf of you, if you feel hesitate to talk him when he or she is out of track or doing his or her benefit. I have experience as junior that we cannot tell when they make mistake. Now anyone can contact me if you find any of councilor doing mistake unknowingly or intentionally. I will always talk with them. I am physically weak and small, so never afraid in approaching me but mentally I am bold enough to contact anyone as per as I am right and you give right information. Hope you all don’t bully me as I am weak. No no, you won’t do that, and I was just kidding.  
I don’t believe in talking but I do believe in doing. Promise less and deliver more is my motto.
My dear friends, I would like to assure you one thing for sure that my commitment to the college will live past this election.
Your thoughts will be my goal
your desire will be my vision
your smile will be my victory.

If I am elected I shall thankful: if not. It will be all the same.
Finally I quote “The ballot is stronger than the bullet. A vote is like riffle, its usefulness depends upon the character of the user. ” I unquote. Now your vote meant a lot. Happy voting.

Of course I am not elected. I was third in ranking. Top two was selected for the post as only two will represent at IAC meeting. I am happy that I could resume my already elected post the president of Radio club. I will work and pursue the aim and objective of the club. 

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