Tuesday, September 30, 2014

“Hit by arrow” news is alarming.

Bow and arrow, Source: google image.

  The news of people being hit by arrow is alarming every now and then when special occasion come in Bhutan. Within a week, three case were being reported. One on 22nd September in Mongar. (News within the Update of Lunana case dated 25th September, Click here for detail news.), second on 23rd in Lunana (Gasa District), Click here for detail news. and third on 29th September in Wangdi Phodrang, Click here for detail news.. Among three case, Lunana case (Gasa District) was the serious. Even a chopper was provided to lift the injured man by arrow hit. Thank god, as PDP pledged a Cooper to recruit for emergency case and people are clamming their right. But then seriousness should look into. When somebody hit with arrow has provide chopper to reach hospital doesn’t mean all arrow hit victim will not able to access the privilege.
Now couple of question is arising in my mind: Why people are hit with arrow? How people are hit with arrow? I don’t think people hit with arrow easily. The shooter should take care of his shoot and observer should also take care of his position, where he is staying to watch. I interpret, shooter might be drunk or observer might be drunk. But I don’t think my interpretation is right when I conclude the shooter is bad shooter of all time.
I too play traditional archery game in the crowd. Haha… guess I am going to say something good about me but I have to say the truth. My arrows never go beyond the boundary of target (Bacho). There will be an audience as usual. Instead of frightening audience, they are happy with my arrow erecting strongly on the target. What I mean to say here is that bad archer are the one who make audience to hit and chopper lift necessary.
If all archer are bad archer, frequently hitting audience with arrow, then we need to think over who can participate in playing archery game. There will be no selection as such but bad archer know himself, he is bad archer. He should feel guilty himself and avoid playing.

I am keen interest in playing traditional archery and will be always playing cautiously without let chopper to lift arrow hit people to hospital. Let me pray to have safe traditional archery game whenever it is being played and no scene of arrow hitting people. God Bless every archer and observer.
Arrows: Source: Google Image

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Interview with Chatral Rinpoche.

Source: From one of the Friend's (Kezang Tshering Sir) comment in the facebook.
"Question: Why did you decide to stop eating meat? How old were you when you made this decision?
Rinpoche: It is written in many Theravadayana and Mahayana texts that one should not eat meat. There is also a Vajrayana text that says the same thing, that one should not enjoy meat or alcohol. Because of this I am following the instructions of Shakyamuni Buddha. Being a religious person, I don’t take meat or alcohol and at the same time I try to tell other people not to consume these things. This is my reason — I’m just trying to motivate other people. I was forty-seven years old when I went to Bodhgaya and made a vow to all of the buddhas and bodhisattvas to give up meat and alcohol.

Question: Why do you think vegetarianism is an important aspect of practicing the Dharma?
Rinpoche: If you take meat, it goes against the vows one takes in seeking refuge in the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. Because when you take meat you have to take a being’s life. So I gave it up.

Question: Some claim that one can help the animals one eats by praying for them, and thus eating meat is compassionate. Other than for the most accomplished yogis and lamas, what do you make of this claim?
Rinpoche: With supernatural powers gained through certain meditation practices, it is true that there are some realized beings who can revive animals from the dead and help them reach a higher rebirth or enlightenment by consuming small amounts of their flesh. But this is not done for sustenance, only for the purpose of helping that animal. I personally do not have that power and, because of that, I never eat meat. Eating meat in one’s diet is much different than eating flesh to liberate a being through supernatural powers. I am just an ordinary practitioner who really doesn’t have these qualities. So, if I ate meat it would be the same if you or any other lay person ate meat. I would be committing a sin and I would be getting negative karma. I don’t pretend as if I have special powers and eat meat, I just avoid it altogether.

Question: Do you see Tibetan Buddhists in exile making a sincere effort to reduce their meat consumption and become vegetarian, or has meat eating become an entrenched aspect of Tibetan culture?
Rinpoche: In Tibet, there’s only meat and tsampa [roasted barley flour] — there is no other staple food. Tibet is at a high altitude and the climate is tundralike. There are not many fruits and vegetables. After coming to South Asia, you really don’t have to follow the Tibetan custom of meat and tsampa. There are many types of fruits and vegetables, nutritional supplements — all kinds of good foods. Everything is available. So there is really no need to talk about the customs of Tibet as an excuse for eating meat. From my experience, not eating meat has many benefits. I’m eighty-eight and ever since I stopped eating meat, I haven’t had any major sickness. When I sleep, I sleep well. When I get up, I can walk right away. When I read religious texts, I can see them properly. I have very good hearing and can listen attentively. These are the qualities I have experienced from not eating meat. I didn’t get sick or die when I stopped eating meat; no negative consequences came to me. I can travel by vehicle, airplane, or train without getting nauseous or dizzy and I never get headaches. I am a human being formed with flesh and blood like anyone else and am proof that giving up meat does not make one ill like many Tibetans seem to think. I’m telling you from my own experience; only good things have happened to me from giving up meat.

Question: Some monks have told me that since insects are killed in the production of rice and other vegetables, then there is really no difference in eating those things and eating meat. What do you think about this?
Rinpoche: This would mean that you wouldn’t eat anything and would starve to death. If you say you were going to go for a month without killing insects through the food you eat, then you would die. If you die, this precious human life is wasted. So if you just let your body be destroyed, that means you are taking your own life, which is killing in itself. You can always take the insect from the rice when you see it and let it free outside. You don’t necessarily have to kill beings to eat. Although, when we walk we crush many insects under our feet. We may not see them or observe them, but still we must be killing them. Not being aware doesn’t mean that we haven’t created any sin, because after all, cause and effect are always there."

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Learn to appreciate and appreciate Bhutanese’s work.

Appreciate their work. Appreciate the speech they make. Appreciate the team work and in general, appreciate whatever they do and they say. It cost nothing for appreciating and nothing is loss from us. To be frank, for appreciating the people for doing something, always have good effect. People encounter with courage when their works are being appreciated. Courage of proceeding further. Courage of putting more hardship to have perfect outcome. Indeed a person who is being appreciated and who feels his appreciated will always do more than what we expected. We appreciate the people who appreciate other’s works.

 “The greatest humiliation in life, is to work hard on something from which you expect great appreciation, and then fail to get it” ~E.W Howe. This indicate how much the appreciation is important to be implemented.
More the people educate, more the people understand how to appreciate the people. Educating to complete the course will never understand the importance of implementing appreciation. Understanding of appreciation will come only if we educate one’s heart and soul. I am happy to witness people appreciating other’s hard work but there may be few who will never appreciate other’s hard work. I will bring one simple reality that is being happened with few Bhutanese (young boys and girls). They always say something bad to Bhutanese movie, song and many more. I don’t understand why they blame. Regarding movie and song, they blame because they watch Hollywood and Bollywood movie which is exceptionally good in all-rounder. For me, I appreciate the Bhutanese movie, song and many more because I am Bhutanese. Bhutanese should appreciate Bhutanese’s work and of course we have to appreciate other countries’ work too. I appreciate Bhutanese work because given a chance I can’t direct and come up with simple movie or produce simple song. I don’t think one who blame Bhutanese movies and song can do so. More or less they are also like me. I am sorry if one who falls under this category is hurt with my words.

Let’s (Bhutanese) appreciate Bhutanese’s work first and appreciate other’s in second place. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Rinzin Khando, A wonderful friend.

From Left: Rinzin Dorji (My Friend), Jigme zangpo.
Somebody has rightly said “Friendship is the divine feeling or relationship between friends”. Friendship should be maintained with care after it is built ultimately. It would difficult to live without a friends and real friendship will bring a great assistance in one’s life.

Rinzin Khando which otherwise known as as Rinzin Dorji was one of my best friend. I describe my friend a trustworthy. He is friendliness with any other friends. I personally like him.
He was my friend since July, 2011. We meet in College of Science and technology and we take same course, Electronics and Communication Engineering. We become a good friends within a due course of time. A year pass by, the bond of our friendship grew stronger and stronger. Where ever we go and where ever we stay when we were in college, we were always together. Going to Karpandi (Phutsholing, Bhutan) Gonpa and enjoying our journey together was the memory I would remember throughout my life. Always going to mess together with making loud noise is another memory adding on the list of memory of friendship. Among all memory, we have one memory to be remembered. The music we played and the song we sung after our class and every hour whenever we have free period. It was an enjoyable moment with my friend. We enjoy our friendship for three years and we would have enjoy again one more year but unfortunately we were separated.

I am here in Mondragon University, Spain but my friend is in College of science and Technology, Bhutan. Even though we are far apart but I have in my mind “out of sight is not out of mind”. Togetherness with you, shall be my best memory captured in my heart and soul. Goodness you shown to me shall never out of my mind. For your love and care for me, I have my love and care to you in return.

I have a longing prayer that we will always a wonderful friends. I realize friendship is undoubtedly a heavenly things. Life shall be clourless and slow without a friends. Good friends are always a precious gift.

My love and care is always with you. I am missing your meaningful company and will be missing your company throughout my life.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Trip to Concha beach.

Pose and View of North Atlantic Ocean

Concha is the Spanish term which means shell. They bay of North Atlantic Ocean, Concha beach is the so called because of its shape. It is famous urban beach in Europe. It is located near San Sebastain, Basque country, Spain.

We made trip to San Sebastain on the day when Traditional Traineras Final was held. Traineres is a traditional boat that was used to move catch fish from big ship. It has now become like a sport and it has its own league.

We start our journey from Mondragon to San Sebastian. From Mondragon its north-east direction and it take one hour drive by bus.

We had enjoyable trip visiting bay of North Atlantic Ocean (Concha beach) and even attain party that day.
On the way to party.

View of party.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

My roommate in Spain.

Loneliness can be of emotional loneliness and physical loneliness. Physical loneliness can be cured if we have friends and even an emotional loneliness will cure to some extent. My loneliness in Spain was cure after I got friends.
Mr. Patrik

Now, I will introduce my new friends that I got after reaching Spain. They aren’t Spanish. They are from different country like me and here as an international student. They are my roommate.  
We are of four in flat. Two from Italy, they are Italian and one from Slovakia, he is Slovakian. Let me first introduce Slovakian. He is none other than a good looking guy known by name Patrik Vepr Filipek. He is here for exchange program. He is going to study Master in Mechanical Engineering. To talk about him. I just say he is good. He has a sense of friendliness and of course sociability. I just love his personality.
Mr.Pierpaolo Loddo

My second friend who is going to be my roommate is Pierpaolo Loddo. He is from Italy, 2010 world cup champion country. He is also the exchange program student going to study Master in Mechanical Engineering. Pierpaolo is a nice guy who always search a solution to help other. In short he is supportive and friendliness.
Mr.Gain Nicola

Gain Nicola Carboni is the third friend who is going to be my roommate. He is Italian. He let three of us to laugh frequently. He scare us sometime by shouting. But remember he is good guy possess friendliness. All my roommate are friendliness. I am happy to be their friend and have them as my friends.

I believe in cycle of karma and we are together here because of previous fate. Thank you god for three precious friends.  
Dinner time 

Trying to Pose

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My view on Spain.


View of Arrasate Mondragon.
Part of Mondragon

Scenario of the place is so beautiful and fascinating. “Clean and understanding place” is words I am going to describe.
Clean place because it is clean with proper litterbin (different bin for different waste) being placed at suitable place. I can find no litter on the ground. People are civilized here. They reached their litter to litterbin.  
Understanding place because people are comprehensible to each other. It was amazing to witness people following traffic rule strictly. Walker on the road cross only through zebra crossing even when no vehicles is moving. On the other hand driver respect zebra crossing. They wait at zebra crossing if people target to cross zebra from the distance.
You may be alone here physically but you are never alone mentally. No sooner than we ask about something, they try to response us with the answer. If people speak English then I guarantee you, Spain is your home.

The real happiness is with people of Spain. Irrespective of all age, they have the time to gather at rest place in the city. Come weekend, the party come along with. And very interesting night is being observed. We will not witness the chaos and disorder make out of drink.
I am happy here, Spain

Teaching and Learning environment is different.

It’s totally different from my country, Bhutan regarding teaching and learning in foreign country, Mondragon University, Spain. I can’t say which one is the best, practice that my country adopt and practice they (Spain) adopt.
Learning will going to take place in their case because communication between tutor and students is taking place. It is friendly class out here and can ask any question. Student don’t hesitate whatever they response to the question put up by the tutors. One interesting thing, I could notice is that student used personal computer, PC and utilize PC in fruitful manner. They used search engine like Google to get answer for the question. Tutor don’t even come around to check weather students used PC effectively. Tutor trust student very much.
Comparing with our practice (Bhutan), no interaction between students and tutor. Students hesitate to communicate with tutors. The gap between students and tutor still exist. Given a chance to use PC in classroom with WIFI available, I am sure student will misuse (example. face booking) the platform. I even misuse the platform here, Mondragon University, Spain.   
Formality in the class.
Bhutan maintain a good decorum between tutors and students. Students know how to response tutors and respect tutors.
It is out of question to ask weather decorum exist in foreign country. We can called our Tutors by their name. No respect from students to tutors.
I will learn their culture during my stay in Spain and will adopt best one in our country if possible.

Finally question to viewer, which culture is good? 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Nostalgia in Spain.

Pose near university
Mondragon University.

It was 16:00 hours when I reached in Spain (Mondragon University, MU) on 1st of September. Miss Adrune, the international coordinator of Interweave project provide me with the guide to guide me to reach to my residence. They were two female students of MU. They took me to my residence and informed me everything present in the room: How to use the things that present in the room? Where is toilet? Where is bathroom? Where is sitting room? How to cook anything? with their limited words in English.  
I was all alone in the room as three roommates, one from Slovakia and two from Italy are yet to come on 3rd and 4th of September respectively. My friends from Bhutan and Nepal were in different domicile. The deepest sorrow of being alone in Spain after coming all the way from Asia (Bhutan) was something I can describe as “My Nostalgia in Spain”. The tension over tension is flowing with non-stop. The language which I speak is what they don’t understand and the language which they speak is what I don’t understand, eventually a huge language barrier is being created. The food they take is what I feel like tasteless and food which I used to take is where I couldn’t find here. My nostalgia in Spain become bit a sensation one when I badly miss my loving parents. No matter how the people of Spain are kind enough and showing the hospitability to me but it failed to replace the love and care that my parent give to me.
The situation over my mind is under control of “my nostalgia of Spain” but I still have deep faith to god almighty, my only root teacher (Tsa-Wai-Lam) and thanking parents. The day routine of praying when I gets up in the morning and going to bed in the evening shall be followed.

In the name of erasing the “my nostalgia of Spain” I decide to go to my friend domicile (Where Keshav from Nepal and Anup Thapa, friend from Bhutan stay). They were lucky enough as they got roommate from Spain. He is Joseba who is going to pursue master in Electrical Engineering. He help us. Thank you Joseba. You are my first Spainish friend I listed in my friend list after reaching here.

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