Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bhutan National dress surprising international student of Spain.

Preparing to walk like a Bhutanese to school.

It has been two months without wearing national dress (gho for man and kira for woman). Two months isn’t long enough but for me, I feel like two years has been passed. The only reason could be I wanted to be responsible citizen having mind of knowing the meaning of Bhutan tradition and adopt practically.
 It is easy to go to school in paint and shirt (here in Spain) but going in Bhutan National dress gave me a different feeling and possession. Today I went to school in my national dress (gho). I feel like I am in Bhutan as I wear gho. The way of acting gets alter as I wear gho. I feel like professor are Bhutanese and naturally my attitude of acting goes like Bhutanese student in the class. The way of looking towards professor and way of answering to the question put by professors.
Speaking frankly, attending class with wearing paint and shirt gives me a different feeling. The feeling of non-Bhutanese. We can act like students of international. Acting like any other International student in the sense, I can sit whatever position I like, go out of class at any time I like to go, wear hat inside class and many informal things that Bhutanese don’t do in the class.
The immediate response from the friends of international and Spain can be describe as “amazement” for peculiar dress. Almost all are seeing for the first time. They just admire the Bhutan National dress. I even explained to few friends about the different dress wear by man and women, the significance of different part of dress and when and where we wear dress after their enquiries. The enquiries they put seems to be difficult because they asked critically for every piece of dress but within the boundary of the dress. With critical question, I was realized to know the meaning of every part of the Bhutan National dress is more important.
One question was “Is that your traditional dress that wear only on occasion?” The question made me to think our National dress represent traditional dress as well as national dress. I replied “No, this is our national dress and we wear every day”. I asked “what is your national dress?” The answer I got was, we really don’t have national dress but some typical traditional which only wear on special occasion. I concluded, the countries all over the globe just wear paint and shirt. Bhutan is exceptionally perfect in this regards. We have very peculiar dress among all the countries. I feel proud of being Bhutanese. I love the national dress. I love my king, country and people.
My friend Anup Thapa walking majestically with international students.

Can't leave class without a capture, so I asked one.

Thought of taking photo at exit of Building No.11 just to store as memory.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gems of the Ocean.

I just simply called as Gems of the Ocean as almost all the things seems to be from the ocean floor. 
Photo taken from shop near Concha beach. (Spain)

Photo taken from shop near Concha beach. (Spain)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Return of Extranjeros Espana (Spain foreigners).

The police of police station in San sebantain asked me to come after 40 days to collect residence visa from the day I submitted the documents but I take advantage by going before 40 days is passed. I went to collect residence visa on 35 day after I submitted documents. I was having bad dream, climbing down the hill on that night. We believe this type of dream is a bad omen. I was worried whether they will released or not thinking 40 days is not today.
I decided to go. I can visit other place of San sebantain if they don’t release. I can also visit after I collect. I arrived at Police station and cut the token. My number was displayed on the electronic board (sorry I don’t know what the board is called) and I went inside. As soon I submitted the money receipt and the document they have given, man told Bhutanese name. “Are you Jangpo (Zangpo)”? I responded quickly with excitement “yes sir”. He gave me the card.

 Holding the new residence card of Spain outside reminded me the bad dream. “Ah, one should do away with orthodox”.
By the time I finished everything it was only 10 am in the morning. I walked every corner of the street, San sebantain. If San sebantain buildings was the temple, I did merit task by making one round.
I got a time to visit bay of North Pacific Ocean on the same day. It is just next to San Sebantain. I walked along the bay of North Pacific Ocean until I reached at Concha (shell) beach I realized my leg was paining. Finally I came back to university by bus at 3pm. 
View of North Pacific Ocean.

Clear view of North Pacific Ocean

Clear view of North Pacific Ocean

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