Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Barcelona and Referee Controversy continue

Is that penalty?
The last final 8 round of UEFA Champion League (UCL) 2015-2016 ended yesterday (13/3/2016). The return leg was played yesterday. My all-time favorite team, which many called the best team of the Europe today, the FC Barcelona was knocked out from UCL by rival Atletico Madrid on aggregate of 3:2. FC Barcelona couldn’t retain the UCL Champion. FC Barcelona won the first leg at Camp Neo with 2:1. The hardworking and aggressive Atletico Madrid kick Barcelona out of UCL with 2 goals to nil yesterday on return leg in their home.
It was a night mare for fan of FC Barcelona. It was unexpected things. We have all world class players, Messi, Neymar, Suárez, Iniesta and list goes on. They couldn’t save Barcelona.
Referee controversy still continues. The many sport website talks about recent referee favoring to Barcelona which prehab was not true. This repeated news in sport website make a referee guilty of deciding what is true. There was a clear penalty at dying minutes of added time against Atletico Madrid but referee denied. If there shouldn’t be any controversy, referee should give what Barcelona deserved.
Everything has over and wining a trebles is just a dream. Still FC Barcelona has two trophy in hand. Copal Del Rey Final against Sevilla and Domestic League title at race with 3 points ahead of second standing team. Wining the both cups is more than adequate for Barcelona than having no trophy in the season 2014-2016.
No matter what the situation Barcelona might be encountered, like current circumstances, still I will be loving Barcelona. I will be fan of Barcelona till the last breath. I love Messi very much owing to his skills and personalities. And of course all the players of Barcelona, Neymar, Suárez, Iniesta, etc.

Vamos Barca. 

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