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Bhutan fact

Bhutan is tiny Himalayan country located in between China in the north and India in the south. Bhutan is known as the last sharing LA. Because of the landscape of the country, Bhutan is travel destiny to many people of the world. A total of more than 70% of the country area is covered with forest. Bhutan is green. People of Bhutan breath a clean air. If you are fed up with busy city life and have a hectic life, Bhutan could be your peaceful destiny where you will get complete peace at heart and also peace environment. 
There are many Bhutanese’s olden structures famously know as Dzong “The Fortress” which was built in the 16th century by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel. The dzongs are amazing. Many people couldn’t believe how Zhabdrung Rinpoche built those Dzongs when no technology was there in Bhutan. 

Bhutan was isolated country till late 19th century. There was no modern technology including television and mobile phone. It was only in 1990s Television and mobile phone in 2000s. 

if you want to experience which will never forget in your life, I suggest you, Bhutan could be your destiny. 

Tiger Nest.
The tiger nest is the beautiful place to visit. It is approximately 3120 m above sea level. Difinitely this is such a amazing place to visit. 

Punakha Dzong
Punakha dzong also known as PunaDewachenpoiPhodrang which was built by Zhabdrung Ngawahy Namgyel in 16th century. One miracle about this Fortress is that it was built in between the meeting point of two big river called Pho chhu (Male River) and Mo chhu (Female River). This is also awesome place to visit. 

Wangdi Phodrang

Wangdi Phodrang Dzong is also the oldest dzong in Bhutan and built on the valley which resemble an elephant sleeping posture. It is no longer as you can seen in the photo as it was burned down by fire in 2012. However, it is under construction and expected completed soon. 

These are the few things which I describe here briefly. If you want to know more about above place, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help you. 

show off

True story
There lived a woman in Bhutan. Under one of the programs, she went to work in another country. It was in Middle East country. The schedule is tight and she couldn't learn the Arabic language. However, she being show off girl, she learns through youtube during her free time. She could learn few words but for her, it is like the whole language. she only knows two sentences "what is your name?" and "How are you?".
Whenever she chats with her friends, she instead of writing English, she wrote Arabic only that two sentences for any answers.
If she stays for a few years, I can't imagine what will be the level of her showoff?
Thought from the flying cloud.


Most developed countries are in disfavour of the electronic voting machines(EVM). We are making full use of it albeit suppressed disgruntlement in many instances. As a voter i ask myself; how safe is our EVM? Can it be rigged? Is the storage reliable? Is it foolproof? There are more questions than answers. Although ECB is doing a great job in voter education, there are more confused voters like me afraid of the machine which might at some time malfunction and give different result in the end. It's good to embrace advancement through technology but shouldn't we weigh pros and cons? If the EVM stopped working in between its replaced instantly during voting day. The votes cast is believed to be stored in the EVM which stopped working inbetween; the question disturbing voters is- if the EVM can stop working, isn't there chances of votes cast giving different counts?
In the last NC elections I opted for voting through facilitation booth. I am satisfied and assured that my vote really did went to the candidate I chose, there is no concern for error. The election officers there literally fills our form, and all we need to do is choose our candidate and seal it in an envelope- done. It's more work for ECB, but for a young democracy like ours, trust should be our priority. There was a wild rumours in my village during the last LG elections; 'EVM will read the voters thumbprint, candidates will know who voted for them and who didn't'. There isn't an ounce of truth in it, it was just a rumour, but then rumours spread faster than truth and knowing our villagers, they have the tendency to believe easily. Voters' trust for free and fair elections is the must. If fears, although unsubstantiated, runs through their veins then ours will always remain a 'young democracy' even after 20 years down the line.
In a few months time we will head for poll to choose our government. No doubt ECB will educate the voters like always, they might also replace the old EVMs which has served more than twice it's life span, but how far voters like me will trust the EVM will remain an unanswered question. I am hoping against hope that EVMs will not come to haunt us after the poll day. I am not qualified to suggest an option, I can only choose one for myself,and that will be facilitation booth or postal ballot if ECB gives the opportunity again. For me it's easier, reliable and satisfactory at its best. Because I am opting for this, I am not discouraging voters from voting via EVM. who knows, EVM might be reliable and I am wrong all along, but as a voter I am sharing my concern without any suggestions, which I am leaving for the experts to come up and put in place for free and fair elections not only in words but in reality too.

Source: Writer Association of Bhutan

The Difference

Ronaldo being a better goal scorer than Lionel Messi is a myth. Thread:
Most goals in a single season:
Lionel Messi - 73 
Cristiano Ronaldo - 61
Messi holds the record for the most goals scored in a single season.
Most Goals in a calendar year
Lionel Messi - 91
Cristiano Ronaldo - 69
Messi holds the record for the most goals scored in a single year.
Goals scored since Ronaldo's move to Real Madrid in 2009:
Lionel Messi - 462
Cristiano Ronaldo - 443
No player has scored more than Messi in that time frame.
All time goals to game ratio:
Lionel Messi
749 Appearances
603 Goals
0.81 Ratio
Cristiano Ronaldo
900 Appearances
647 Goals
0.72 Ratio
Appearances needed for 100 Champions League goals:
Lionel Messi
123 Appearances
100 Goals
Cristiano Ronaldo
137 Appearances
100 Goals
Lionel Messi is the quickest player to ever reach 100 Champions League goals.
These are literally all straight facts. How are people trying to argue lol..
These are facts and there is nothing Cr7 fans can do about it
Top scorer
Madrid - Ronaldo
Barca - Messi
Most assists
Madrid - Benzema
Barca - Messi
Most chances created
Madrid - Kroos
Barca - Messi
Key passes/match
Madrid - Kroos
Barca - Messi
Big chances created
Madrid - Asensio
Barca - Messi
The difference

Dog playing football.

This dog , animals should be punish.
Disgusting dog playing football to injured Many players deliberately.
There are group of dog fans who like dog doing the deliberate things. I was thinking are they human being or animals? Someone doing animals things and someone enjoying animals’ doing. 
This animal, Ramos should be ban from football activities and let him sign UFC or wrestling company. And some animals fans can join him.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Om ma ni pad mi hung,
Om a hung ba zar guru pad ma sí dhi hung.
Om nang si nam da ......
Ma nam kha dang, .......
We recite all those prayers. We go to sacred Buddhist place and circumambulate the Buddhist stupas and recite guru rinpoche mantra and chenrizig mantra. We say, all animals are our parent in the past.
However, the scenario is different during the meal time. And we say, I need proteins to stay healthy. I am tried of circumambulating the chorten. Where does proteins come from? Only animals flesh? We are hypocrites Buddhist. Speaking one thing from month and doing another things. If we are going to die for not taking animals flesh, yes we should take it. However, at the cost of other life, eating to stay longer is still not justified. I am sure, we will never die for not taking someone soul who has a same desire like us to live long and happy.
It is not about religion point of view to respect animals as our friends but respect from the right of the animals. They have a every right to stay happy. They are not our food but our friends.
Don’t be hypocrites Buddhist. If you are true Buddhist, go vegetarian ðŸŒ± , go vegan ðŸŒ±.
If you can’t go , then you are pretending and hypocrites Buddhist.
It is funny, there are some people who say they have good mind and thinking. So, even eating animals flesh is ok, if we have good thought. That is another justification to eat animals flesh. How can we expect someone a good thought who never have sympathy to living animals, who eat animals with no mercy. Having good thought and eating animals flesh is contradictory for me.
It is none of my business whether you eat animals flesh and have good thought but I am representing voiceless animals. They have a right like us.
Think once before you eat animals flesh. Keep the animal flesh in front of you and think what is it? Is it really a meat? Or it is your past parent meat? If you are genuine follower of Buddha, I think you will give up the animals flesh. Because animals flesh is not meat but someone soul who has equal desire like you to live happy.
And another rediculous thing is, on top of eating someone flesh, people are uploading photos. Indeed they are encouraging other people to eat. It is more than enough for eating animals flesh. Why do we have to upload and advertise animals flesh? Eat silently. Don’t advertise or encourage other.
Go vegan ðŸŒ±
Share if you think you respect animals.


“The time will never change but people will” , from the text of the KathangDuepa. Yes, definitely.
A close friend of today will become stranger tomorrow. A stranger become close friend tomorrow. That is the way of transient period of the life.
In Buddhist context, we usually say, life is meaningless. Everything we gathered will be exhausted. However, due to ignorance and desire, we are pursuing the happiness, the illusion happiness. We even forget the value of respect. We only think about ourselves. Our deed shouldn’t harm any sentient being including animals. You are wrong if you ignore animals and think it as your meals. If so, You are the cruel creature on this earth. Your deed shouldn’t never harm other. That is the religion of this planet.
The world religion is peace.
Thought from the flying cloud

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