Friday, May 1, 2015

Homage to the teachers of three times: Past, Present and Future.

Teacher, teacher oh my teacher
You are the boundlessness
Nothing great I could find to compare thee
We bow before you as a homage

A student’s hurdles and darkness
You guide a way to overcome the hurdles
Giving a light on the way of hurdles
Kadrinche to all esteemed teachers

Where we are today?
If we say we are successful
There is only one word behind
The “teachers” of three times: Past, Present and Future.

No one will be successful
Without a boundlessness, the teachers
Long time ago, an enlighten of Buddha
It was simply because of teachers.

The countless teachers come in my life
To shape the roughness of my life
To realize the true meaning of life
Kadrinche to all esteemed teachers

Today, I take an opportunity to express my heartfelt thankfulness to teachers of three times: past, present and future for your valuable knowledge. May you have a long life. May god almighty bless you for your good health.
I thank you to all the teachers and happy teachers’ day.

Tashi Delek.