Thursday, November 26, 2015

Reading his post isn’t a waste of time.

Thank you facebook page “Writer Association of Bhutan.” It was through this page I came across one inspiring writer who daily write about his life experiences and piece of encouragement to youth. Sometime a heart laughter by writing piece of joke.  His post never let me to waste my time rather it give a joy of reading his post. He writes daily. Sometime more than a post. His writing is simple but never fall to impress me for his style of writing. If you read what I am writing and you are also one of the reader of his writing, you will believe me because you too might have same feeling like me.

I have been reading his post on facebook page “Writer Association of Bhutan” long time back. A week ago, I decided to send him a friend request on his facebook account. Before I send him a request, I browsed his facebook page and found no photo of him. I guess he is elder because in his several post, he has mentioned about his children. I sent friend request and he accepted my request. Thank you la for accept. Now I can see his post on his timeline. I need not have to go to Writer Association of Bhutan page for his post.
 Did I make sense who I am talking about? Who I am talking? Could please mention his good name?

My experience and my attitude.


I know me more than anybody else. I know short tempered isn’t a good attitude. Speaking frankly, I am also the short tempered man. Sometime I regret a lot for my action out of frustration. I have tried to improve and do away with that habit. It is not an easy task do away the long time habit. Through meditation and prayer, now I could at least alert during the action and trying to control. I have improve more now. I am going to improve further via mindfulness during talk with friends. Knowing my fault is my strength but not correcting and accepting is my weakness. What is your strength and weakness? 

One semester to go.

This is me, writing exam. Thank you brother Gom Dorji for picture.
My end semester exam for the semester 7 for Electronics and Communication Engineering come to end today (26/11/2015). I am not confident enough to say I will pass all the modules before the result declare. I have a doubt for the module: Radio Frequency and Microwave Engineering and VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated circuit) whether I will manage to get 50.
Hopefully I am hoping to get slightly more than 50.
With semester exam come to the end, my mind become totally free and feel like I am relive as if I am out of the non-ventilation house.
Now, I am left with a semester, the final semester (8th semester). Before semester begin I got to complete 41 days OJT (on the job training). I am placed at College itself. I will be working under ICT of CST.

Going out of the topic, my last update for my blog was more than a month ago. I realize I am becoming lazy. I usually update what I do. Let me come back to my usual doing. I am going to write what I do daily on my blog and let my blog be alive.

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