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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My view on Spain.


View of Arrasate Mondragon.
Part of Mondragon

Scenario of the place is so beautiful and fascinating. “Clean and understanding place” is words I am going to describe.
Clean place because it is clean with proper litterbin (different bin for different waste) being placed at suitable place. I can find no litter on the ground. People are civilized here. They reached their litter to litterbin.  
Understanding place because people are comprehensible to each other. It was amazing to witness people following traffic rule strictly. Walker on the road cross only through zebra crossing even when no vehicles is moving. On the other hand driver respect zebra crossing. They wait at zebra crossing if people target to cross zebra from the distance.
You may be alone here physically but you are never alone mentally. No sooner than we ask about something, they try to response us with the answer. If people speak English then I guarantee you, Spain is your home.

The real happiness is with people of Spain. Irrespective of all age, they have the time to gather at rest place in the city. Come weekend, the party come along with. And very interesting night is being observed. We will not witness the chaos and disorder make out of drink.
I am happy here, Spain

Teaching and Learning environment is different.

It’s totally different from my country, Bhutan regarding teaching and learning in foreign country, Mondragon University, Spain. I can’t say which one is the best, practice that my country adopt and practice they (Spain) adopt.
Learning will going to take place in their case because communication between tutor and students is taking place. It is friendly class out here and can ask any question. Student don’t hesitate whatever they response to the question put up by the tutors. One interesting thing, I could notice is that student used personal computer, PC and utilize PC in fruitful manner. They used search engine like Google to get answer for the question. Tutor don’t even come around to check weather students used PC effectively. Tutor trust student very much.
Comparing with our practice (Bhutan), no interaction between students and tutor. Students hesitate to communicate with tutors. The gap between students and tutor still exist. Given a chance to use PC in classroom with WIFI available, I am sure student will misuse (example. face booking) the platform. I even misuse the platform here, Mondragon University, Spain.   
Formality in the class.
Bhutan maintain a good decorum between tutors and students. Students know how to response tutors and respect tutors.
It is out of question to ask weather decorum exist in foreign country. We can called our Tutors by their name. No respect from students to tutors.
I will learn their culture during my stay in Spain and will adopt best one in our country if possible.

Finally question to viewer, which culture is good? 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Nostalgia in Spain.

Pose near university
Mondragon University.

It was 16:00 hours when I reached in Spain (Mondragon University, MU) on 1st of September. Miss Adrune, the international coordinator of Interweave project provide me with the guide to guide me to reach to my residence. They were two female students of MU. They took me to my residence and informed me everything present in the room: How to use the things that present in the room? Where is toilet? Where is bathroom? Where is sitting room? How to cook anything? with their limited words in English.  
I was all alone in the room as three roommates, one from Slovakia and two from Italy are yet to come on 3rd and 4th of September respectively. My friends from Bhutan and Nepal were in different domicile. The deepest sorrow of being alone in Spain after coming all the way from Asia (Bhutan) was something I can describe as “My Nostalgia in Spain”. The tension over tension is flowing with non-stop. The language which I speak is what they don’t understand and the language which they speak is what I don’t understand, eventually a huge language barrier is being created. The food they take is what I feel like tasteless and food which I used to take is where I couldn’t find here. My nostalgia in Spain become bit a sensation one when I badly miss my loving parents. No matter how the people of Spain are kind enough and showing the hospitability to me but it failed to replace the love and care that my parent give to me.
The situation over my mind is under control of “my nostalgia of Spain” but I still have deep faith to god almighty, my only root teacher (Tsa-Wai-Lam) and thanking parents. The day routine of praying when I gets up in the morning and going to bed in the evening shall be followed.

In the name of erasing the “my nostalgia of Spain” I decide to go to my friend domicile (Where Keshav from Nepal and Anup Thapa, friend from Bhutan stay). They were lucky enough as they got roommate from Spain. He is Joseba who is going to pursue master in Electrical Engineering. He help us. Thank you Joseba. You are my first Spainish friend I listed in my friend list after reaching here.

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