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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Life is easy

I was taking life easily when people take it so seriously. I was not afraid of death when people are scared of word death. I was not talking about my future when someone talks about future, day and night. I was happy for having nothing when someone with buildings and cars is unhappy. I was having free time with my duty when someone with no work is always busy. But our situation changed my mind drastically. Do you want to know the situation that changed my mind? If no, then don read further. If yes, follow with me. I will narrate the story of how the situation changed my mind drastically.

It was one morning when I was coming from fishing, I met with ghost and had a conversation for a while. It was a meaningful conversation with a ghost. Many people don't believe in the existence of a ghost. But I saw a ghost with two eyes and I even talked with a ghost. Actually, the ghost was not ghosted. He was a human being like us. He advised me which I can't forget in my life. You are not believing me when I say I saw and had a conversation with a ghost. You will never believe because you don't trust yourself. Ok, I am not going to narrate the story. Go to sleep.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Failing one point is not the end of life

Failure is the way of life. Failures are often quoted as pillars of success . If you feel low just because of failing one point think deeply. There are many proverbs, stories and histories about failures used to inspire those who have failed in one way or another. Success comes to your way if you willing to fix our mistakes rather than getting things right for the first time.  It will be true to call every winner as a failure because a winner must have tasted the sweetness of failure. Every failure is not a winner, but every winner is the output of several failed experiences that have had helped them in stepping towards later success.
Failure should be taken as an experience or lesson rather than failure itself. Failure is not an option but the inevitable way towards success. Failure is an experience or lesson which drives a person to their success until they will not give up. Many great teachers teach us how to achieve success but remember success is neither a cup of tea nor a piece of cake. Success is something many describe as an achievement. However, we trend to give up easily and never try again for the second time.  We have to taste the experience of failing. It’s impossible to taste success in life without experiencing some kind of failure. It’s a part of life.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Write whatever you think and why you should be writing your experience

I am not professional writer but I love writing my experience and what I know. I write not for rewards but for the pleasure. I know my standard of language. However, I don't bother how is my english. I just try to convey what I mean.

I am sure my structure of language will have many grammatical mistake. Still then I am fine. I write for the pleasure. Rather than writing good article with fine grammer I try to write interesting articles with flowering language. The articles which has humour.  The article which audience enjoy.

Article should be presentable and readable. It should be understandable. I will keep on writing my experiences and what I know. I will continue my hobby of writing till I can. From the writing, it give me a joy. It engage me. It save my boredom. writing has become my leisure time. I will utilize my leisure time always in meaningful way.

Do you write sometime? If so, it is good for you. If not, why you are not writing? You are shy of your english? You shouldn't shy. I know you can write readable and understandable articles. That is more than enough. We don't have to use bombastic words to make your articles boring. Always try to write in simple words. I never used bombastic words because I don't know the words. Even I don't want to learn and start adding in my articles. I don't want my readers to use dictionary while reading my articles. Even if readers know all the bombastic words, I don't want to include in my articles by searching in dictionary.

Good luck

Sometime social media is nightmare.

One of my friend alway chat with many girls. He always flirt girls. He has many girl friends. He looks simple but scary mind.

He was doing video call with his 4th girl friends. Suddenly the wechat application went down. That could be unfortunate incident for him.  They were talking about future when unfortunate incident happen. After 10 minutes his wechat was working. The same girl was calling him. This time girl is not the girl which he think. She was speaking louder than before. She was bit angry for hanging call in between when they were discussing about life event. My friend was saying nothing  but repeatedly saying, god promise, wechat application went down suddenly.

I listened attentively. The girl is proposing the break up since she is fate up with his act. She is saying that you always call when you feel bored. Do you think I am toy for you. Don't think you are like king of animals.

My views over their conversation and break up.
I think girl made good decision. I as his friend, he is always flirting one after another. He is educated guy but still his mind set is in 17th century style. He think girls are like toy. I wish girls are wiser like above incident. He always lie to girls. If he is on call with one girl, other girl will know he is on call. The girl is asking you are always busy. He was giving good reason by saying he was on call with professor. Ah! can't image with his lie. Why we have to lie to play with girls mind.

Sometime social media is nightmare. However, in this story it was other way round. It was life saving incident because of unpredictable application.

Monday, November 6, 2017

We, on the earth for the purpose.(Death is certain but when and where it will occur is uncertain).

The day when we were born is the day, the world rejoices upon us. Our parents were extremely happy for us for being born in their hand. If world rejoices upon you coming on the world on the first day, you should be wise enough to let the world rejoices upon you at last day, when you are departing from this wonderful world permanently. Happy parent when you were born should also be happy when you leave this world permanently.

The world rejoice on you when you were born because world knows, you can do many remarkable tasks that benefit the world, when you are on the earth. World expect more from you. The single man coming on world is expectation of new changes for the world. The longer you stay on world, more reliable changes that last for longer duration that the world expects.

On the other hand, your parents are always happy with you. They are happy owing to you becoming more capable day by day and year by year. Your excellence in your field all together makes your parents happier than ever. As world expects you to be more meaningful man on this world, the parents too has same expectation. In spite of you being more meaningful person on this world your parent want you to be a happier man on the earth. The way your parent expects signifies that they care you more than what they can do it for you. They care you because they want you to be successful person.

The purpose of we on the earth is to make a life meaningful. To realize the meaning of life, we should have patient in listening and following the merit footprint of experts and parents. The valuable advices from elders including your parents are the key to excel your life in making it meaningful. More importantly, I consider  believing on "Tha dam tse and lay ju drey" is more important. Furthermore, you should always remember the death. Death is natural things which is inevitable. One having constant reminder of death will feel guilty of doing untidy task in your life. Having trust on what experts of Buddha teaching state “every animals on world are once our parent” and doing merit task will realize your parents dream. The only source that we can repay our thanking parent is having faith in Buddha teaching. To let the all sentient being of six realms to be happy, let us have faith and believe in dharma and practice it. 

Your dream of life should be pursuing but never forget that we are given a day where we should left this world. The wealth you gathered, beauty you may be, and popularity you are will be  nothing to any one when one go to sleep permanently. The wealth has no capability of rescuing you by giving wealth to other. The only help we will have is, only if we do our deed pure, have kind mind to everyone with justice and practice dharma when we are living on the world.  It’s always good if we can remember Guru Rinpoche once a day and recite Guru's mantra ba zar gu ru (om a hung ba zar guru pad ma se de hung) 100 times.

Death is certain but when and where it will occur is uncertain.

རང་དབང་མེད་པའི་སེམས། (written just for fun)







མི་ཚེ་མི་ལམ་བཟུམ་ནང་ ཕ་མ་སེམས་ཅན་ལུ་ཆ་རོགས་མཛད།


མི་ཚེ་ ཚད་ཉིད་ཟེར་རུང་འདི་རང་ཨིན།

སེམས་ཅན་ ཨིན་ཟེར་ཐུགས་ཇེ་མ་གནང་ཞུ།

སེམས་ཅན་ ཕ་མ་ཨིན་ཟེར་སྔོ་མི་ཤེས།
སྔོ་ཤེས་ དྲན་ཤེས་མེད་པའི་ཕ་མ་ལུ།
ཕ་མའི་ཤ་ཅིག་ ཟ་ནི་སྤང་འདི་གི།


Lord Buddha will always bless us.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The reasons are always there.( Fisherman has reason to kill fish)


Once a Yogi was on the way of his meditating cave and he passed via a river. He was bit busy and have to reach to destination faster. To his amazed, he found a fisherman fishing the fish while crossing bridge. In an action of fisherman, he chased an insect attracting over his eyes by waving his hand up and down. It was a frequent action that a Yogi noticed as he watched fisher man from the bridge. Yogi thought Fisherman was calling him to come down when fisher man wave his hand for chasing the insects. Yogi said himself “why he is calling me, when I am so busy?” Then he decided to go near fisherman.
No sooner did the Yogi reached near Fisherman, he asked, “Why you called me?” To his surprised and annoyed, fisherman answered “I didn’t called you”. After a fisherman explanation, Yogi got that he wasn’t called and it was his mistake.

Before he leave the spot with blush, he got a question to ask to Fisherman. “Why you are fishing and killing fishes? They have not harm you. They also have life similar as ours”.  And Fisher man replied, “You will never know how much fish had harm us. They don’t even think of human being drinking this water (river) and they pass urine and shit in the water itself. So water become dirty. I always get cough and cold because of dirty water. So I am fishing. ”.
Yogi has no reply for his answer and went off.

Now to the reader, what would you give a Fisherman a reply if you were a Yogi at that time?
N.B: Story I heard from one of my teacher in middle school. 

Ruining of girl’s life by boys.

Blaming and criticizing people for mistake are with every people. We never think before we blame for their mistake. Should we blame for girl if she is pregnant? We should understand the situation before we blame. We as a boy never understand the pain and worry that the girl have. Boy always cheat girl to gain the pleasure. The common words like” I love you and will marry you” are said by boy to girls. The helpless girl believe the untrue words. Finally, she listen what he say. If girl is pregnant, boys never turn up for her help. Imagine you are in her shoe. Carrying infant in stomach without marrying will bring you a great sorrow. The unending thought like what my parent will say if they know? Society will blame me if they know and I would feel shy if they know are always within her mind. The thoughts goes on from dawn to dusk. She will be most sorrowful person in the world. Will there be any one who will help her in those critical situation?

Now to all my friends, boys: Never think of spoiling and ruining the life of girl by saying untrue words if you have no mind to care her. Treat them as your sister rather than cheating and spoiling her life. Think about our precious life being spoiled by someone. I can’t comment, what we would have in our mind if our life is spoil by someone. Think about the situation of your own in not fulfilling what you targeted. How much you will feel sad. It is understand, girl suffer a lot with boy spoiling her life. If we spoil girl, it’s a great shame to us.

If any of girls read this article, I have few words to tell you. Never believe in boy’s words until you trust him. You should trust him not within short period of time. Always try to dig out the true feelings to you before you believe him, otherwise he will ruin your life.  

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Why the couple age should be differents?

Husband and wife age should be different. Boyfriend and girlfriend age should be different. But why their age should be different? Did you ever think of that? If no we need to think why husband and wife age should be different.

Usually husband should be older than wife. Many prefer husband should be more than 5 years older than wife. I too prefer that. But why we prefer that age difference. There are many advantages for having that age difference.

Husband who is older than you care you better than husband who is same age with you. Husband who is younger than you will even do worse to you. Older husband are always good than younger one. We can't say older husband are better. There might be some exception because there is always a black sheep among flock of sleep. Sometime younger one will be better choice. It is always in our hand to select among good and choose best one.

The another reason why girl should go for older man is because of following reason. Women give birth and get much older than men. If you have same age husband or younger husband, there is a every chance he will go with other younger girls. The old man will never leave you because he love you dearly. He love you because you are younger than him. Old man will never be possessive because he is afraid of losing you. However you should not take all those advantages of old man. There is one point where old man get saturated and will blast you badly.

My take on above points. I also prefer girl who is much younger than me just because of above reason. However, I am not saying I will neglect older girl. If fate has governed us, I will go for any girl irrespective of ages.

May I hear your opinion too. Will you marry older girl than you or younger girl than you.

I am happy today

Why and how I was happy will never be shared with anyone.

Friday, November 3, 2017


Sending Ministers and pro-independences for 30 years to prison without bail is absolutely a inhuman act. It is more than animals deed. That is serious violation of human rights. Those ministers and Pro-independences act according to the people of Catalonia. They don't deserve inhuman treatment. They raised voice on behalf of millions of Catalonian. If Spain government think that they violated the law of the nation, people of Catalonia should be in prison. Why only ministers and pro-independence? What is the idea behind doing that? Your government must be afraid of those people because they are most intelligent and dynamic leaders. No one deserve to send to prison.

Why your government hate Catalunia? Instead you should be happy with taxes they paid for your government and never give adequate infrastructures to them from the taxes you collected.

What is your problem when Catalunia go away from Spain? There is a way and means to solve the issues.The issues of politics. Spain government act insane. Acting violently towards voters. Spain leader need a complete rehabilitation.

Let them (Catalonia) stay peacefully. Don't poke your dirty nose to other business. When majority votes for independence why can't Spain start a dialogue between Catalonia leaders. Instead of acting inhuman. You may say many people want to be in Spain rather than departing. They will say because they are not Catalonia. They are resettlement people. All people living in USA is not American. This is very simple example I can give to Spanish Leader.

This is 21st Century and you are still in the mode of Francisco reign. Please treat your people well. If you want catalonia to be your part, treat them well.

Dialogue is more important than sending to prison.

May Buddha bless all the people of world and specially the president, ministers and people of Catalonia in worst time. 

The reason that ADSENSE give to reject your application

I never send another email of adsense to link to blog. I only sent one email which i used for blog to open adsense but Adsense reply me "you recently closed or your application is disapproved". May be you have another adsense apply for this website. So many reasons.


The google provide ADSENSE where they say we can make money but I say it is totally bulshit and time wasting for people like me. They never approved what we sent application. They just send automatic email that has noreply email. Which means we can't reply to them.
I maintain blog not to make money but as a hobby.
I don't know why I attempt to sign for adsense account which waste my lot of time.

So, friends don't waste by sending many application because google will never approve.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Why Bhutanese girl worry about marriage after crossing 20s? And researcher found giving birth after 25 is good for health.

Many Bhutanese girl after crossing 20 are worried about marriage. I don’t know why but I know one thing.

They are worried about not getting husband but why they should worry about husband. They should worry about carrier first. I am generalising here because all Bhutanese girl are not like what I said. There are many girls who are capable in thinking and sometime more than a man thinks.

 One thing is the society. People are worry about stigma of society.  Stigma of blaming and backbiting. The malicious talk behind person for not marry and not getting husband.

Marrying after you are independent and after crossing 25 will be better. It will much better if you marry at 30. You are independent and you are not dependent to the husband. Usually man try to dominate wife because he think she is depending to him. Actually he is wrong. She is your wife. You should never think of she is depending to you.  Marrying after 25 or at 30 is very good age of marrying. You can think and decide what is good. There are many divorce cases in Bhutan because of child marriage (teenage marriage). What can we expect from teenage marriage when they can't understand what is good. When they are dependent to their parent. Teenage marriage is worst marriage timing for both girl and boy. They are producing another independent for their parents.

Never worry about marrying until you are dependent. Don't worry about society stigma. Let people talk but nothing will happen to you.

The average age for giving birth was found to be 29. So, if you are 28, you don't have to worry about marrying. And average girls marriage age was found as 30. If you are in Western countries and if you are 30 then you are still young. The only thinking in Asian makes you old. We need to changes that wrong notion.

Bhutan, the peaceful country on the globe.

Bhutan is small country in himalaya between world most populated country China in the north and India in the South.
The world happiness report may not shown Bhutan in number one but there are many factor that contribute Bhutan not coming first. world happiness measurement which focus on wealth and Bhutan is not wealthy country. So, definitely Bhutan may not be happiness country base on wealth but certainly Bhutan is most peaceful country base on satisfaction. People are happy totally. people don’t have luxuries cars or buildings but they are happy. Happiness is not about having all those luxuries stuffs. Happiness is something which should be come within people mind. World happiness index which base on wealth and bhutan can never be happiness country. The GDP of Bhutan is just 2 billion USD which many investors will have more than that. However, Bhutanese are absolutely happy.

More will be continued in next....

Green Bhutan.

Why giving same adsense account for youtube and blog will trouble you?

I recently gave same adsense account for both youtube and blog. But i was foolish to give same account despite of reading many people's opinion that we shouldn't give same account. Many people advice that if one of blog of youtube violate rule, both blog and youtube are affected. So, I choose to have different adsense account for blog and youtube.

It is better to have different adsense account so that you know how much youtube and blog earn. If you have adsense account for blog and youtube together, you don't know how much each earn. 

Good luck guys. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Condom Vending Machine in Bhutan and why first in Phuntsholing? Why not Thimphu?

Recently Bhutan national newspaper kuensel reported that pilot project of opening Condom Vending Machine was installed in Phuntsholing. The customer can insert Nu.5 to Vending machine and takes condom.

The only reason for installing condom vending machine in Phuntsholing first is that it is trade hub in Bhutan. There are thousands of people who are arriving every days and doing what not things. Today when HIV AIDS issue are on rise and other sexually transmitted disease are alarming, condom vending machine will play vital role in preventing all those unwanted stuff. And many HIV AIDS cases are from Phuntsholing. It doesn't mean, people are in Phuntsholing. I mean they were infected from Phuntsoling while they go for some reason. It is spread all around the country today. Be careful wherever you stay and go.

After few months, Condom Vending machine will be installed in other part of Bhutan. May be Thimphu could be second target as there are many people. Condom vending machine will not only prevent sexually transmitted disease but also unwanted teenage pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy is also becoming the bigger issue in Bhutan. Parents has a role to play. We shouldn't a shame of advising our children about sex. Sex education should start in primary or secondary school in Bhutan to educate our children who are hungry for sex. We Bhutanese have bad habit like timing of shy. We don't know where to feel shy and where not. Educating children about sex education is actually the noble advice because you are advising them to behave like human.

We will only realize when our children become one of the victim. By that time it will be too late. Regret has no solution. It is important that we should constantly remind them about all those things along with other advice.


Source:Vending machin

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Is that how she changed her faithful mind when she reach to United State of America and meet Mexican boy?

I can't image if I were in his shoe that the pain and trauma he went through. He was my friend who was studying in CST. He is kind hearted man physically and mentally. Because of those personality the girl asked him to marry.

They got married few years ago. The boy after class 12 made it to CST. And the girl decided to go to New York to make life. They had many dreams for their future. Despite having child between them, the girl finalised her decision to go to NY.

The things were going in organised way. They were happy even their pets were smiling. The baby was kept with girl's father and mother. The girl help her family financially from NY.

Guru Padmasamaba said ,”Time will never change but people will". The time has reached where girl mind need to change due to certain circumstances. There was neither a call nor a short message to her husband. She has changed totally.

She texted him that she wanted to end their relation which broke my friend heart which is still at healing process today. I couldn't help him as he was going inner trauma of love. I could only tell him dont worry, one goes 1000 comes. He smiled physically but I knew he was hurt totally from inside. It was like dreadful nightmare for him. He couldn't study well. He couldn't eatband sleep well. Finally, he even failed to pass his final exam in that semester.That was heart breaking moment for my friend.
Nothing is impossible as many are saying. The difficult moment which made my friend almost crazy is now back to normal. I am happy he is doing exceptionally good today. However, I am really sad the dreadful fear is still lingering at bottom of my friend's heart. He still has a fear of girl.
Last time one girl was asking him to stay in relation but my friend refused badly. The scar of love fear left by NY girl is still on hunt.

Today, I was checking how NY girl was staying after they broke the relation. It was really shocked to learn that she was married to Mexican guy before she asked my friend for break up.
The faith and trust is two things in our life to be cared.
The distant and the pasture greener on other side let girl to decide to betray my friend who was once her dear and near one.

If you are reading this, don't betray your mexican guy like what you have done to my friend.
There exist a bitch who betray my friend.
From the thought of flying cloud
This is the true story

New York city.

He was about to jump from Library building (from 2nd floor) as girl asked.

It was in CST few years ago. It is really funny that my friend attempted several time of jumping from 2nd floor library building just to show that he love that girl as much as he do. I am not only in good in looks but also in heart. I am proud that I saved his life by consoling him not to jumped. Otherwise he would already in heaven or hell.

I also find funny why that girl asked my friend to jumped from 2nd floor just to show his love towards her. There are many ways she can asked my friend. I know he can do whatever she asked. That is what she knew about my friend and took advantages of it.

I think she want my friend to die so that she won't have one who called even during meal and toilet time. My friend was enthusiastic man who will never gave up easily.

That is not the end of story. After a year he forgot everything. He went for studies in Australia and then to Japan. He fell love with australian girl. The strange thing was that the girl asked my friend again to jumped from 10 stories building to show his bold love towards her. Sadly I was not with him to console and he jumped as girl asked.

May his soul reborn in peaceful place of dewachen. I will always remember you as my friend. My only prayer to your departed soul is let you reborn again as handsome man like me so that you don't have to jump from building.

The story is fiction however first part in CST might be  true.


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