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Friday, September 25, 2015

One last Welcome Picnic at College of Science and Technology

Twelve of September two thousand and fifteen (12/9/2015) a welcome picnic was organized by second year students dedicating to the first year students. The picnic venue wasn’t at same location as before. This time, it was at extreme end of Pasakha, beyond the Industrials estate. However the venue was perfect compare to before.

I enjoyed more. The enjoyment was beyond my expectation. Thank you organizers.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Farewell picnic 2014.

TEAM working to get sound system for the day.
I had a dream of walking along the bank of Torsa River with my friends. We plan to swim. When we were about to swim door was knocking strongly saying “3rd years”. My sleep and dream was vanished. It was only 3:00 am but I joined rest of my friends for walking up my fellow friends.
We as an organizer (3rd year) had to walk up all the students to reach picnic spot on time. Picnic spot for summer semester is usually at Torsa river bank. This picnic is mainly dedicated to emerging outgoing final year students.
For my team, we were assigned to make a sound system for the day. We the student of third year Electronics and Communication Engineering  arranged all the things like amplifier, mikes, and necessary things for sound and load on the bus.
As soon we reached at picnic spot we started to fix wiring of sound system but we are in need of generator as there isn’t AC source. Organizer had hired generator and we aren’t worried of not getting. It was 10:00am and sound system was ready but DJ haven’t reported.
Finally DJ arrived around 10:30 am.
Our task ended when we handover mike to DJ.
Now winter semester will come. It is in this semester well come picnic will be organize by 2nd year students. It is mainly dedicate to newcomers (1st year students).

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