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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Departing of Soul from the host. Tribute to my late Lopen and technician.



The moment we are together and enjoying the moment of happiest moment remain as remembrance when someone among the enjoying moment, stay no more on the earth. It will be a cherishing moment when we are together with our beloved dad, mom, sisters, brothers, and all our related people around but a great sorrow come to us when one of our loving one pass away.
"Uncertain is life, certain is death; it is necessary that I should die; at the close of my life there is death. Life is indeed unsure but death is sure, death is sure." ~Buddha. The day will come when our soul takes a permanent departing time from our body. Before we are too late, let our soul to command good things to the body so that our body do it for the benefit of all sentient being.
The March 8, 2014, Saturday, 12:30 pm was mourning day for family of CSTian (College of Science and Technology) for the lost our beloved Lopen (Lecturer) and Technician. I saw Lopen in the morning of that day walking down to Staff offices in hurried mode. I heard of the incident that happen to them after few hours I saw him, but to me it was unbelievable and it was like a dream.
The memory of Lopen taking class when I was in 5th semester, 2013 are very clear. Lopen speaking related to religious talk in every class apart from normal class and letting us to informed and believed in life after death. Lopen, you are my source of inspiration towards believing in birth after death ever more than what I had before.
The time you spent with member of Nangpay Zhenu (The Young Buddist) Club of CST and talking to the members about the need, cause and effect of doing Rewo Sang choe  and the meaning of offering choepa in the alter daily were your powerful and good footprint that we can be followed. We will never forget to follow and do what you taught us.
You lead a life of peace and clam that offers the environment around you a peace and clam. In short you were simple, humble, sympathy, loving, sociable and helping gentleman. I respect your fine human personality. As a gratitude for your selfless service with dedication to the student of College of Science and Technology and to the sentient being who are in samsara, I will follow your good footprint as a prayer after your death.

Fate has determine the time of your departure but your merit deed to everyone at the last moment of your time of departing will determine your way to born in palace of Guru Rinpoche. I offer my deepest and sincere prayer and condolence to loss of beloved staffs to let their soul born in the marvelous land of Dewachen (Palace of Guru Rinpoche). Let your soul rest in peace.  Two CST staff killed

Marvelous land of Dewachen.

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