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Friday, May 1, 2015

Homage to the teachers of three times: Past, Present and Future.

Teacher, teacher oh my teacher
You are the boundlessness
Nothing great I could find to compare thee
We bow before you as a homage

A student’s hurdles and darkness
You guide a way to overcome the hurdles
Giving a light on the way of hurdles
Kadrinche to all esteemed teachers

Where we are today?
If we say we are successful
There is only one word behind
The “teachers” of three times: Past, Present and Future.

No one will be successful
Without a boundlessness, the teachers
Long time ago, an enlighten of Buddha
It was simply because of teachers.

The countless teachers come in my life
To shape the roughness of my life
To realize the true meaning of life
Kadrinche to all esteemed teachers

Today, I take an opportunity to express my heartfelt thankfulness to teachers of three times: past, present and future for your valuable knowledge. May you have a long life. May god almighty bless you for your good health.
I thank you to all the teachers and happy teachers’ day.

Tashi Delek.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Crazy man

A man arrive to the home
He enter to his room
He keep his things in his room
He come to setting room

He switch on the Television
Increase the volume to the fullest
Neither has he never looked what program on TV
Nor has he never listen what it was saying
Instead he is busy on his phone
A social media addicted man

Why he switch on the TV?
Why he increase the sound to the fullest?
Is he mad?
Is he crazy?
Never had he thought of disturbing to other by the TV sound

He pretend as looking to TV as someone pass by setting room
He suddenly stop texting message to his friend as someone pass by.
Please don’t pretend
I know you are crazy

I know you are crazy

Monday, April 20, 2015

I am already fallen

It was strange
Yet it already happened
It is hard to believe
It is hard to explain

You possess nothing special
Yet you stole my lonely heart
You didn’t say anything
Yet your rare spoken words was enough to captivate your heart

The more I think about you
The more I remember your soft words
And arising the great feeling towards you
And thought of confessing someday

Never surprise with my speedier feeling
It is my only true feelings
Arising all the way from the bottom of the heart
It is the feelings that my heart speaks

I know, I adore you
I also know, it’s too earlier to say you
I am sorry, I can’t hide the truth
Hope you will understand me

You mayn’t read what I wrote
I never expect you to read
I just express my feelings just to free myself

I am free now

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Future is now.

You are wild
With no tension of future
You enjoy every single days
You hardly think of future
It is the situation when you are in 1st year.
It is the situation when you are in 2nd year.
It is the situation when you are in 3rd year.

Future is now
You are in 4th year
On the verge of becoming engineer and what so ever
Rising tension over the mind is endless
A mind hunt over the job
A job to sustain your life
A job to help your parents

With no available job in the market
A frustration arise:
4 years for struggling the battle of every tests.
An Assignments, Presentations, practical, practical report, mini-project and major-project.
Tight schedule for 4 year
And a reward with nothing

But you can still survive
Little skill you have:
Skill of technologies and together with life skill
And your determination and enthusiasm
You can sustain your life.

You are never born to become engineer
You are only studying engineering
After all the circumstance determine your carriers
Never going to regret for your decision.
Decide now and prepare now.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Declining Believe, Trust and Love.

I shall trust thy trust.
Thou should have trust my trust.
I shall honor thy trust and love.
Thou should have honor my trust and love.
The made Trust and Love is fading away.

Unpredictable is the weather.
And thou is also no exception.
Trust and love dwindling every time at very far.
With the presentation of unpredictable action by thou.
I can't appreciate thou action anymore.

Thou words with hiccup in between.
Thou words with ego in between.
Thou words with pride in between.
Thou words with absurdity in between.
Believe in thou go hither and thither.
Believe in thou is fading away.

Believe, Trust and love are meant with situation.
The constant Believe, Trust and Love is nowhere in my world.
The constant Believe, Trust and Love is nowhere in your world.
My world and your world is solely comprise of different Believe, Trust and love.

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