Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Fete day was successful and let thanks members

           The 26th September, 2013 was another remarkable day for Radio Club (NDLD) of College and Science and Technology. The day was observed as College Foundation day. We the members of Radio Club organized that day as a fete day. The preparation for fete day began a week before a day without notice of other students. The cooperation among the members (3rd years and 4th year ECE) result in making a day successful.

As soon the tradition program for foundation day was ended, the chief guest (Director of College), staffs and students disperse for the game to be played. With limited coupons for the day as we have no time in making. In deed the Gangotri group of Jaigoen, India had agreed to sponsor the entire necessary coupons. Other than that we didn’t face any problem. The small problem get tackle when our club members work together to obtained required number of coupons.

Among the games that present for fete day was car racing being most attractive. This was my view. The other games may be seen most attractive for other people. The games like Fishing the juice, Ball and glass, dart and board, wheel of fortune, ring the bell, football and tyre, driving coin and Tombola made a day interesting.
Car Racing
Fishing the juice wasn’t bad. The no stopping customer gave a coordinator a tough time in hot and sunny day. The sweeping of sweat from his face with his handkerchief was frequent action we could noticed despite of coordinating the players. And the calling of customer by saying “fishing… fishing… fishing….” was what we could heard.

Coming to the wheel of fortune, a number start with 1 till 8 and addition a jackpot. A coordinator explaining to the player that no one will get prize if it stop at jackpot. As soon as all player choice the number, he turn the wheel of fortune by saying jackpot... jackpot…jackpot……..
And a boy along with his friend (girl) was coordinating the ‘ring the bell’. A player comes to play to hit the gong (bell), so he tied the player eye with a piece of cloth. The game wasn't fair as the player friend’s guide to hit the bell by giving instruction till player hit the bell. It was only when I go around to collect coupon from coordinator of this game made a game a fair (not fair as preceding year). There was some player blaming me not allowing to guide the players. Let the player blame me. I won’t mind unless we have profit.

Right of the area of ‘ring the bell’ was a boy coordinating the ‘football and tyre game’. Students, a fan of football making queue to play that game. He collect football and gave to the players time and again. His black shoes almost become a sneaker by the end of the game.

Bending down to collect fallen glasses repeatedly whenever I see was the scenario that I could see in the field of ‘glass and ball game’. The exhausted coordinator picking up the glasses and build the pyramid (not exactly) to the customer waiting to play.
Two beautiful ladies giving a colorful dart to the player to hit the board. The player aiming to the inner circle of the board but never they could hit even the outer circle. In fact we are making profit for our club.
‘Driving coin’ the game making profit with limited resource. We just have to manage bucket, water, glass and coins. Two ladies coordinating the game was having a good time in coordinating the game.

“Tombola….tombola… tombola…… the players are all students, no players from staff side” was the coordinator of Tombola speak out in microphone frequently. It was another game that the club made profit.

And the committee members of club like President go around with seal to seal the winning coupon to give to the winners. I was going around like any other committee member to collect coupon to return to the counter. Coupon sellers at the counter are busy selling the coupons.
The fourth year girls was busy dealing with customer who comes in food stall.

To our surprise the prize for the winner get exhaust before the estimated time. The club would have made good profit if prize shop would have sustain till 2:00pm. We regret for limited prize we kept. Mistake are the lesson for future fete day. Finally the winners for the lottery are drawn at 2:00 pass in the afternoon.

With my open heart and soul, let me thank every individual for your good cooperation for a day. Let me never forget to thank to 2nd year ECE for their helping hand for the fete day. Without the full cooperation among the club members would not result to successful fete day. To my fellow mate, let’s follow the bright footprint of seniors, the 4th year ECE.You may also like this

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Always happy with who we are.

If we look beyond the limit of view, we see something more different than what it supposed to be looked like. If we think beyond the limit of thinking (like thinking of anxiety) will add more stress on what we have. Thinking about something which isn't a stress but thinking time and again will make it a stress. Always have a limitation. Over the limit is never going to be good.

Never upset with comparing with other people in terms of wealth, beauty and so on. Always happy with what you have and who you are. We are the best among other in our ways. Some may excel in academics, some in the field of sport, some in politics and some in all. I am sure you are also good in one of the field I mention or field that I left out for mentioning. The people with wealth will have his own misery within himself. It is the law of nature all people are subjected to suffer. No one is out of the bowl of suffering. It is just a matter of time. A rich people becoming poor one day and poor people becoming rich one day, and many changes like inferior to superior and superior to inferior will occurs ultimately. Never disappointed with those changes. It is just a nature of law.

Knowing the changes will happen to nature and to us, we should bold enough to resolve the hurdle. Every hurdles can be solved. Always be happy for any changes. You are everything for yourself. You can change the course of misfortunes. Think every misfortunes come along your way is due to fate. Believe in fate and be faithful to yourself. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Impermanence (Translated from oral speech of Buli Trulku Rinpoche),Did you ever see a death people coming back to world again
My first question to every reader “Did you ever see a death people coming back to world again?”  This question could be device that we the human should understand and takes action of our life. If you believe with above question then what could be solution to reborn back on the world. We are responsible for death of our apa, ama and sibling to reborn back to world if we are living after them. The absurdity associated in the society that great people noticed is that when their apa, ama or any sibling die, they cry for few days. But they forget after few days about death of his or her apa or ama. They start lying, bullying, killing and perform many task that involves sin. On top of his or her apa and ama is already in the ocean of anguish, the suffering (hell) as they did sin during stay on the earth, they will have extra burden of suffering as a result of his or her sibling doing deed related to sin on the earth. To pull our suffering apa and ama out of the hell, we should do good deeds to sentient being that has no sin.

It’s natural and every one of us think. A girl think, she is the most beautiful among the girls of the world. He is looking always to me. Seems he is admiring me. Now shall I say love you to him? And so on like praising words to her. These are the thought usually girls thinks.

On the other hand, boys do think similar to girls. I am handsome guy among the guys of the world. She is always looking to me. And so on that describes him in good way and praising him.  But nothing is permanence. Everything is impermanence. What we think are all lie. It has no truth in what we think about ourselves. In fact, what we think will harm us and let us to suffer one day. Always do good to others instead of all the nonsense by keeping the word impermanence of anything in our heart and soul. 
Buli Trulku Rinpoche


Many talks about success
Many prepare for success
People study for successful
Some for self-efficiency
Never study for successful but for self-efficiency
Let your dream and aim be realistic             
Dream that you can pursue 
Dream that people dream
Not like dream of dog chasing car

Don't run behind success blindly
Realize that the way of success is bent
Take hardship on the way of running behind success
Hardship is the key of success
Be attentive on the way of success

Failure is the natural phenomenon on the way of success
History is full of failure
Never quit when you encounter with failure
Instead keep your motto “Never give up”
Grapes the opportunity for second time that will targeted your aim

Running behind success is better than running behind excellent
Running behind excellent will reach to successful naturally
And success follow you
You are successful finally.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Writing isn't an easy task for me.

Glancing at four corner of walls in my room and thinking about what to write, when I think of writing something is the kicking off of my writing. The topic I get to write after I recollect my past event but the destruction comes along. With no good structure of sentences and limited vocabulary always pull me back as I tried to go forwarding. Planning the sequence of writing within my mind before I start to writes and those planned get unutilized when I couldn’t write as I planned.

What could be the evidence of me being backward in writing? I realize the society of the pre-primary schooling and lower secondary schooling would be a factor in destructing me in writing. When I say the pre-primary and lower secondary schooling I can’t include the factor like how teachers taught to students. Teacher performed in best possible ways as I could remembered. It is me who stay as if I know everything than teacher. Our hard work determines the shaping of our writing skills. Now only I could say is “I am regretting as I couldn’t do my part, when I was in lower classes”. But I can say I am neither late nor fast. I have a time to enhance the quality of my writing. Reading a books and writing could be the techniques that will help me.
Writing is relevant as it conveys message. The broadcasting of something, telling of anything and  many other that has no written form has no charm after it pass few days or when its memory vanished  but in written form of anything will remain the same charm if not more than before. We preserved the article that we write and read after decade, still your memory will be fresh and you will have many complement on that article which describe your situation at that time. I can simply say that writing will rewind our times of past. It is always good to reflect our past situation by writing. I regret for not having my writing when I was in lower classes. In deed I had written articles but I couldn’t preserve as I didn’t realized in those days how the writing rewind our time of past. Now let me keep on writing what so ever my writing is. Let me rewind my past by going through my writing of past in near future.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Radio Club in College of Science and Technology.

NDLD club (Nyendrom Dang Lokzhey Dekhang) or Radio Club was launched in 2012 (winter semester) by the outgoing ECE graduate (first batch). Phuntsho Gyaden, our first President who was person behind to coordinate in making the club to be existed. And the Electronic and Communication Engineering become a separate department on College foundation day, 26th September, 2012 (Before ECE was under the Electrical Department). The club was active after it gets full support from ECE faculties and of course from management of the college.

The aim and objectives of club was none other than giving a student’s exploration in the field of Electronics. On top of familiarizing the electronics, club has another mini project, to launch a Radio Station.  Students are expected to know minor reparation in disorder and damage electronics goods after they get trained from experience people. The frequency of radio station will be covering only the college campus.

Reaching destination is never so easy. There are always bent along the road that destruct our way. Similarly, to come up with mini project like building of Radio station, the destruction comes along. The major destruction, in regard in coming up Radio Station is expenditure.  To purchase a FM (minimum ranges that will cover CST campus) cost huge amount. The club members look the alternative source in generating fund for Radio Station rather than depending on Management of College. The fete day was first event that the club has organized to generate fund. It was organized in collaboration of College Foundation day in 2012 (26th September, winter semester). Indeed it was huge amount we the club could generate from that particular day. The hardship, dedication and optimistic we had for a club and working together was factor for successes.

Amount we generate from fete day is too low to start our radio station. Then the club comes up with another event in 2013, the summer semester. The event was fashion show competition among classes. A smart amount was generated from this event. The detail about the event, like who were the winners and runners up will not be included in this writing as I have no record of the event.

Now, we have our Club President Kiley Wangchuck handling the responsible of the club after our senior member passed out. He has come up with the Electronics Repair shop by allocating the room for it after management approved the room. Shortly, we will open our Electronic Repair shop.

Radio club is essential to everyone and particularly to the ECE students. Our course demand, we should have skill in this field like which principle the Radio station work, how it work and which ranges and strength of signal required for assigned area to be covered. The club will not only help the Club member in gaining skill in Radio field but also in minor reparation of electronics. I can say club is one of extraordinary club in College of Science and Technology.  We are hoping to get everything in placed.

Now, our senior members of club are remaining a semester to go. After a semester we have to shoulder responsible of the club in making the reality of club exist like Radio Station.  We will work with best effort to come up the Radio Station very soon. The corporation among the members, coordination among the members and support from the management will determine in making the club reality.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rewo Sang choe. (Morning Prayer)

Performing Morning Prayer
College of Science Technology, the only technical college in Bhutan and is located 5km north of Phuntsholing town. There are many clubs in college which students engaged in making a club productive. Nangpai Zhenu is one of the club among the clubs that exist in CST. Nangpai Zhenu is the Dzongkha term which literary mean the “young Buddhist”. It was come to exist in 2013 (summer semester). Prayer secretary, Ugyen Chopel, was person behind to make a club to exist. He proposed this proposal of having a club to the authority. Club shall not only benefit to sentient being in this life but also in life to come. Within a short period of time as club has many merits, the authority approved,Nangpai Zhenu as a new club of CST.

Lopen Gempo , lop Tshering (Dean Research) and Director of College are also equally important in making the club to emerges. They gave full support in forwarding the club proposal. Therefore let me extent my heartfelt felicitation on behalf of club members, I would like to say, Thank you very much for your good initiative and your good initiative will be always looked upon by kenchosum. Without their full support, the club would not have make into existence of club as today.

Club was introduced for many reasons and purpose. Usually, the technical students forget the practicing of Dharma. And it directly connects to way of thinking. Its only through this simple practice of Dharma, we would always keep track of Dharma. Practicing Dharma in simple way with effective thought is indeed a good practice of Dharma. We wouldn’t realize about the real meaning of our life unless we follow and understand Buddhism. Buddhism teaches you the meaning of life. The club, Nangpai Zhenu, in spite of focusing on the task related to religious one and carrying out the task but will also conduct small ritual like ReoSangChoe (Morning Prayer).

As of now, there are more than 50 members in the club. If I commented on the members of the club, members of the club are simple. The word simple should understand as humble, sympathy, helping hand and kind minded. We the members perform Morning Prayer. Unlike last semester, (summer semester) the club used to do Morning Prayer every morning but skip on Tuesday and Friday when class tests were there but this semester (winter semester) as the test was schedule for particular period of time, club conduct the Morning Prayer on every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Morning Prayer is also performed on auspicious day even if the day is not our scheduled day.
Members of Nangpai Zhenu 

The most of the members of the club were second year students but now they are in third year. I am bit worried, whether the club will in position to performed a Morning Prayer as what we are doing. Existence of club and doing nothing worth is wrong to name a club as Nangpai Zhenu. It is not that juniors can’t do the Morning Prayers. They have the ability to follow the senior’s trend. The only thing they can do is watches when senior perform with sense of learning. Judging the member of club reducing when comes to batch wise, I can say people are becoming different. My expectation from future members of the club, the Nangpai Zhenu is nothing more than the trend to be followed and introduce more programs in the club.

The Nangpai Zhenu, recent trip was the Trip to Threlma Lhakhang. Trips to Threlma Lhakang was organized in order to clean around the Lhankhang. The clubs motivation and hopes are nothing great but to achieve community services.

In our daily life, our day should be start off with Rewo Sang Choe, the Morning Prayers. Doing the Rewo Sang Choe help us in many ways. The misfortune of our life, the failures on the way of pursuing the success and many more that suppressed our success are removed by having the faith in Rewo Sang Choe. Rewo Sang Choe is wonderful and powerful Prayer. It is not necessarily that the Rewo Sang Choe should be performed with religious instruments. It can also be performed without religious instrument depends upon the situation of time, absent of instruments and number of people present. 
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