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Friday, May 15, 2015

My village, Zangthi.

Zangthi, Gonong, Serjong and Tashiphu



Serjong and gonong




I will narrate the story about Zangthi and its branch villages how it got name. I still remembered, I wrote about how Zangthi and its branch of villages got name when I was in class V in the subject Social Studies. I thank you my father for narrating about it.
It was in the place where irrigation field below Gonong village. In that place, it was believed to present the pot of copper (Zang ga taw). And our grandparent called the place name as ZANGTHI. I have no clear idea, how name Zangthi has called to our current ZANGTHI.
There was the place among all the places where sun arise before than any other place. Hence the place is called as GONTHONG. Current village Gonong is supposed to be GONTHONG. Gradually, the pronunciation get altered from GONTHONG to Gonong.
And it was believed to have a ‘pot of god’ in one place. Grandparent named that place as SERZHONG. It is the current village Serjong. Similarly, pronunciation get altered form SERZHONG to Serjong.

People were cultivating crops for their survival. There was one place where they could harvest good crops. The crops they harvest was very good. Hence the place was named as TASHIPHUKPU, the current village Tashiphu.

Above short story was what I wrote when I was in class V. I will ask our parent about remaining villages like Tshonthang, Rasuthang, Makhang and Mesikhang and will write about it.

Thank you for your time

Jigme Zangpo

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