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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you madam, Rema for the award for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

7 fact about me
1.      I like to do things on time. I think, I am punctual in any task.
2.      I get angry for silly reason. I think, I am short tempered. I am trying to be cool as possible.
3.      I love my parent more than anything else. I think, they are my first preference to get consult before I decide decision
4.      I believe in fate, the previous karma. I think, I believe immensely to my root teacher. Every good thing happen with no bad circumstances are the result of my root teacher’s prayer.
5.      I really don’t have any plan for future. I think, I have no mind of acquisition of material comforts.
6.      I remember one who help me when I am in desperate in need of help. I think, I can’t forget those people instead I shall repay them with my possibility.
7.      I dream of helping needy one. I think, my dream is going to be fulfiled.

My nominee are:
1. Miss. Karma Wangzom
3.Mr. Sherab Tenzin 
8.Miss. Sonam Yangzom
9.Miss. Tshering Cheki
10.Mr. Pema Wangyel
11. Miss. Lekey Chiden Dorji
14.Mr. Sancha Rai

To my nominee, Write 7 facts about yourself and nominate 15 blogger for Very Inspiring Blogger. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Liebster Blog Award

It was indeed a shocking moment as I saw “you are nominated for an Award” in the inbox of my facebook account. I was out from blogging for more than a week owing to tide schedule. So, I was delay in responding the award questions. Let me Thank Sangay Cholden () for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award. Once again Kadrinche la for nominating me even though I am not in the position to place in nomination. I take this nominee as an opportunity to enhance the inspiration in writing. To me nomination for Award is motivation, dedication, enthusiasm and confident. I will be still unknown about the origin of Liebster Blog Award after I answer questions.

Question 1.Describe your blog in three words.
· Expression- Unless we ask for freedom, the freedom giver never understand our voice. So, I want to express in best possible way.
· Heart – We should be bold enough to experience the any circumstances of our life. Confident rest in my heart and I will express my heart opinion.
· Soul – As said that soul is the king of our body. My soul guide me while expressing my opinion in my blog.

Question 2. Describe yourself in three words
· Pro-active / Timely – I never procrastinate task.
· Religious minded/Superstition – I belief in birth after death. My immense homage and respect for Great Gurus, Tsa- wai –lam (The root Teacher) and all disciples.
· Love – My love and care to my parents is unmeasurable one. I have also same to sentient being and living creatures.

Question 3. Who/what or where dose your blogging inspiration come from?
Speaking frankly, I being brought up and grown up in far flung village of Bhutan have no idea of social media particularly blogger. It was in early 2012, I came to know the blogging exist from my friend, Phub Namgay who is now Gelong of Semtokha Dratshang. He shown me his article being posted in his dashboard. I started making an account for Gmail and finally I am done with making blogger account. But then it wasn’t active. However after I know how to use blog, I could at least post few articles in the ends of 2012.
The REAL inspiration came to me in early of 2013 from the bloggers like Sangay Cholden, Langa Tenzin and Rima Reyka. I follow them and witness the way they make view of blog attractively. I try to maintain my view of blog attractive like them even though I couldn’t write perfectly like them.
On top of those bloggers, I was inspired by many other bloggers that my inspiration bloggers follows.

Question 4. What kind of blog do like to read and follow?
I read whatever comes on the way. In particular, I have no boundary that restrict the things I read. So, I follow any blog irrespective of good or bad. In the bottom line, I agree with what is wright and disagree with what is wrong.

Question 5. Create new list of questions for the blogger to answer.
My nominee’s questions are:
i) What is your intention for blogging?
ii) Do have a mind of helping new blogger? If yes, how?
iii)Can you related your life with blogging?
iv)What is religion for you?
v)Write something, that you think it will help to reader?

Question 6. What time of the day do you write your best content of the blog?
For me writing isn’t an easy task. It’s not always easy to write. I post the content whenever I have a time. I have no specific and allocated time to post my best content of the blog. As I am in college, I prefer night a best time in posting my best content of the blog.

Question 7. What is your favorite social media?
I can’t describe which social media is my favorite. I give equally important to all social media as every media has its own importance. I have no constant favorite social media. All social media is my favorite.  

My nominees for the Award are;
1. Sangay Duba (Sangay Cholden's Random Thought), A student of College of Science and Technology (4th year). My inspiring blogger.
2. Tshewang Dorji (My SiMpLe ThOuGhTs), A maintenance Engineer at Para Airport.
3. Namgay Chojay (my LITTLE VIEWS), A maintenance Engineer at Paro Airport.
4. Karma Wangzom (Wangzom's Thought), Student of College of Science and Technology.
5. Rima Reyka (Overcome life),

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