Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fate that wait for me.

Fate dominates the way of life. I was born in society that has rich in orthodox and believe on superstition. I don’t have any comment of being grown up in that society, instead I am happy to know that I am brought up by informing all the concept of superstition. It’s not that society is believed in superstition but fate is what Buddhist society believes. I have trust on fate. The outcome of this life is the result of previous life as mention in Buddhists philosophy is what I believe. My society is enriched of Mahayana (Nyingma / Tersa) for past few decades.
 Today the scenario of village is image of sometime what we called heaven. Every subject is the believer of fate. Believe in life after dead. I am also among them to believe in fate. The overlooking mountain with wide valley contains the truth giver to guide the subject to next life. The right lower valley has the residence for monk of shedra (Buddhist College) and left valley has the residence for yogi (Nyeljorpa). The fate society made me to have fate on everything I processed.
 Now moving in line with fate of my life, I stand today in front of crowd with fate. Fates give me a privilege to love her and I do respect fate and love her with my full heart. I don’t want to see my favorite suffering in other hand. I hope favorite is always safe. In this transient life, I meet favorite due to fate but favorite is on other side of my heart. I hope I can one day fulfill the unrealistic dream. I pray and dream that favorite is mine forever.
Nyeljorpa (yogi) and Gelongs (monks)

Different Things

      Keeping something within is safer than sharing, if it never going to fulfill.

I have kept my secret within me from day I entered in the college. I thank god for making me wiser by keeping my secret within which otherwise I would have gone wrong. But I sometime regret for keeping things within with thought that I might have fulfill if I have share to particular person that I supposed to share. Now the secret is no more secret, I have tune the word secret into exactly the opposite of secret.
They know I do have secret and knows the fact of secret specially the one that supposed to know the secret. I am neither Karma Jigdrel nor CR but Jigme Zangpo. I usually prefer to keep my name as Karma Jigdrel on many of my documents. This not because I like name and meaning of name but its just because the karma itself has great meaning in it. Karma can be name of anyone but one of karma knows that I am also karma of karma. I select karma out of hundreds of name because karma is composed of many good features. For instance people are expected to have fine behavior, good personality on top of having external beauty. With accordance with instance, karma has everything that the above cited people have. so, i love karma. I hope to see my transient life getting spend and completing with karma.

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