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Monday, July 28, 2014

A year waste some say.

Exchange program scholarship is an opportunity to me but some say it is a waste of a year as we have to stay one more year to complete degree course. If the modules we are going to take in Host University are not same as home university, it is for sure we have to study in home university for another one more year.
The undergraduate mobility period is 10 months in my case. It’s about two semesters. I have to stay one more year in College of Science and Technology (home university) as the modules are not same in Host University as home university.
The university so called Mondragon Uniberstetea under Basque Country in Spain is located north of Spain. This is university I will be staying for 10 months.
I have nothing special plan to do when I reach to Spain. Regarding academics, I may take few modules and carrying out project work on top of learning Spanish.
A year waste some say but I say it’s an opportunity, exposure, experience and tour in my life. Opportunity comes once in a life. I don’t think I will get such opportunity in future. So, it’s an opportunity for me and I shall take it as precious opportunity to enjoy my stay in Spain.

I am coming soon Spain.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Leaving to the Royal Palace of Madrid seek Thankfulness.

Under the Interweave Project, I am leaving to the Royal Palace of Madrid within short period of time particularly the Basque country. The university, Mondragon unibertsitatea is where I will be spending my 10 months undergraduate mobility.
Let me extend my heartfelt gratitude to one who supports me during the process in applying. Firstly, to the International Coordinate Mr. Roshan Chhetri, Faculty of Electrical Department (College of science and Technology) who had guide me throughout the process of applying. HoD, Electronics & Communication Engineering Department, Madam Karma Kelzang Eudon (Madam KK) and Dr. Kazuhiro Muramatsu, Senior Lecture in Electronics & Communication Engineering Department. Madam KK inspired me to apply by giving full support. She helps me whenever I was having problem. Let me say Thank You Madam for your generous supports. Dr. Kazu helps me in scanning document whenever I ask him. In deed he was there every time I was in need of his supports. I say Thank You sir for your time. To all, who support me directly and indirectly are equally helpful and I offer my thankfulness.
I am also thanking to the Interweave Project for providing me with such opportunity. I am sure it will be my life time opportunity. I may have time but I may not have support. I may have support but I may not have time. Once again thank you very much Interweave Project for this wonderful opportunity.
My dream of visiting third country is finally realizing. I will enjoy my stay in Royal Palace of Madrid with productive outcome.
I will write more about my feeling when I am in Royal Palace of Madrid within a short period of time.
Interweave logo, Scholarship offer by them.
Basque Country Location (Spain)

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