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Saturday, March 29, 2014



Stealing only will not consider embracing
Telling lie only will not consider embracing
They steal for survival
They lie for defense
Making huge mistake will not consider embracing
If they make with no intention

Embracing should have within our mind
Our mind should embrace for our unnoticeable mistake
It’s not people are unknown for our mistake
Our mind should have sense of embracing

Getting huge thing with huge embracing cannot consider merit
Rather getting small thing with no embracing is cheerful and satisfying.
Doing something with dignity is overwhelming a good service
Doing half done is equal to no work done.
Giving with no mind of giving is same as giving nothing
Everything you do without willing heart is undone.

Everything should do with entire heart.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Many talks about success
Many prepare for success
People study for successful
Some for self-efficiency
Never study for successful but for self-efficiency
Let your dream and aim be realistic             
Dream that you can pursue 
Dream that people dream
Not like dream of dog chasing car

Don't run behind success blindly
Realize that the way of success is bent
Take hardship on the way of running behind success
Hardship is the key of success
Be attentive on the way of success

Failure is the natural phenomenon on the way of success
History is full of failure
Never quit when you encounter with failure
Instead keep your motto “Never give up”
Grapes the opportunity for second time that will targeted your aim

Running behind success is better than running behind excellent
Running behind excellent will reach to successful naturally
And success follow you
You are successful finally.

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