Thursday, July 31, 2014

Documents submitted.

It was on day 4 in New Delhi I could submit the documents to the office of Spain Embassy, New Delhi. I could submit documents within few days because of staffs of VISA section in Bhutanese Embassy being supportive. Visa Officer Mr. Jigme Norbu coordinates the procedure of Visa processing sequentially. He requests his visa assistance (Indian) and driver to reach us to desire destination. We have to go to Hospital to withdraw Medical Certificate, go to Jawaharlal Nehru University to get Medical Certificate translated in to Spanish.  
Finally all the procedure was completed and documents was submitted to office of Spain Embassy, New Delhi. Verbal interview is conducting. Why you are going? Who sponsor you? What course you are going to take? Which university you are going to? From which university you are going? For how long you are going to stay?
I would like to thank Mr. Jigme Norbu, Visa officer at Royal Bhutanese Embassy, New Delhi for rendering full support and guidance. I also thank all your assistance visa staffs (Indian) and drivers for helping me.


New Delhi
Royal Bhutanese Embassy,
Chandragupta Marg,
New Delhi 110021.
Phone : 91-11-26889230 / 9809 / 9807
Fax : 91-11-26876710 / 24674664 / 24102231

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Better to be alone than one direction friend.


Friends are important and we have to have friends. To be friends with certain people, we have to study before we really become friends. There are many friends who are ready to ruin your life.  There are friends who never listens the advices from their parents and elders. There are friends who are always happy to do mischievous deeds rather than doing merit deeds. Friends who don’t possess quality of good friend should be avoided. But we have to help friends who had gone out of track to bring to the right direction. Whether they want to come to track or not, we have to once try to correct them. One who wanted to change will change.  

Bad friends will ruin your life if you are to be danced at their tune. Be friends with all type, bad and good but you should be able to take decision on your own after you realizing the decision put by all type of friends. If you can’t take decision on your own, better be alone than a one direction friend. You will survive without friends.
I will always in my world if I am with one direction friends

Monday, July 28, 2014

A year waste some say.

Exchange program scholarship is an opportunity to me but some say it is a waste of a year as we have to stay one more year to complete degree course. If the modules we are going to take in Host University are not same as home university, it is for sure we have to study in home university for another one more year.
The undergraduate mobility period is 10 months in my case. It’s about two semesters. I have to stay one more year in College of Science and Technology (home university) as the modules are not same in Host University as home university.
The university so called Mondragon Uniberstetea under Basque Country in Spain is located north of Spain. This is university I will be staying for 10 months.
I have nothing special plan to do when I reach to Spain. Regarding academics, I may take few modules and carrying out project work on top of learning Spanish.
A year waste some say but I say it’s an opportunity, exposure, experience and tour in my life. Opportunity comes once in a life. I don’t think I will get such opportunity in future. So, it’s an opportunity for me and I shall take it as precious opportunity to enjoy my stay in Spain.

I am coming soon Spain.

VISA processing.

I am here in New Delhi to submit document to get VISA of Spain to Embassy of Spain in New Delhi. It's tedious job to get job done. We have to get medical certificate, MC from certain Hospital of India. In my case, I get MC from Primus Super Speciality Hospital. In spite of obtaining Medical certificate from only certain Hospital, we have to have the certificate in Spanish language and it should be legalize. . To get MC, we have to pay 850 INR.
No Objection Certificate, NOC form Police of Bhutan will not accept easily unless it has been attested by Ministry of Foreign Affair and it has been legalize. In order to translate NOC into Spanish language, it should be paid 1000 INR per paper. To legalize per paper cost INR 2591.

The document required for processing VISA of Spain for Bhutanese student are:
1) acceptance letter from University.
2) Accommodation conformation.
3) Insurance Policy.
4) Passport.
5) Passport photo two.

6) VISA fee in INR 5080.

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