Saturday, November 10, 2018

Life is easy

I was taking life easily when people take it so seriously. I was not afraid of death when people are scared of word death. I was not talking about my future when someone talks about future, day and night. I was happy for having nothing when someone with buildings and cars is unhappy. I was having free time with my duty when someone with no work is always busy. But our situation changed my mind drastically. Do you want to know the situation that changed my mind? If no, then don read further. If yes, follow with me. I will narrate the story of how the situation changed my mind drastically.

It was one morning when I was coming from fishing, I met with ghost and had a conversation for a while. It was a meaningful conversation with a ghost. Many people don't believe in the existence of a ghost. But I saw a ghost with two eyes and I even talked with a ghost. Actually, the ghost was not ghosted. He was a human being like us. He advised me which I can't forget in my life. You are not believing me when I say I saw and had a conversation with a ghost. You will never believe because you don't trust yourself. Ok, I am not going to narrate the story. Go to sleep.

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